21 Thunder

21 Thunder follows the lives of the team members of a fictional under-21 Montreal soccer team.

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  • Trailer

    Get a sneak peek of 21 Thunder, premiering here on July 31! 21 Thunder is the story of the Montreal Thunder U21 team and the obstacles – both on and off the field – that the players and coaches must overcome to make it to the pros.

  • 1. Pilot

    Junior makes his bones on the team and Nolan’s past returns with a vengeance.

  • 2. Road Game

    Christy confronts family truths, Nolan is blackmailed and Lara flirts with the dark side.

  • 3. Freefalling

    Nolan’s father tries to save him and Junior faces down shady Bamba.

  • 4. Fixed

    Lara prepares to fix a game. Christy proves a master strategist and Nolan dreams of revenge.

  • 5. Heaven or Hell

    Christy and Nolan suffer humiliation on the field, Junior wins glory.

  • 6. War

    Junior unmasks an imposter and Nolan’s father betrays him.

  • 7. Together We Part

    Christy takes over the team and Nolan sacrifices himself to try and save Emma.

  • 8. Rock and a Hard Place

    Christy fights back against all odds and Nolan makes the ultimate choice.

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