A Million Colours

"A Million Colours" was inspired by a true life story, that of MUNTU NDEBELE and NORMAN KNOX (the black and white stars, respectively, of the 1976 film classic e'Lollipop). In showing how these two South African actors' lives and loves radically changed - they went from being teenaged friends in the mid 1970's, to being on opposite sides during the violent struggle to overthrow Apartheid in the 80's, to being miraculously reunited as friends after Nelson Mandela became President in 1994. The film also shows how the people of South Africa survived their major trials by fire to come out burnished on the other side. How love triumphs over evil and how God in his wisdom and grace grants Muntu a second chance in a life impacted by wrong choices and the love of his life, Sabela returns.

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