A Year on Planet Earth

Across this series we journey around the sun, and witness the incredible strategies animals use to cope with every season in their constantly changing worlds.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Winter

    Earth’s journey around the Sun begins – whilst the north is frozen in darkness, for the south this is the season of light.

  • 2. Spring

    The North faces the sun’s rays, the great melt begins bringing new life. For animal families in the South, conditions are worsening as days shorten.

  • 3. Summer

    The North has constant sun, the south is in constant darkness. However, things aren't that simple. This is a season of feast, famine, and fire.

  • 4. Autumn

    An explosion of colour signals that times are changing, but with winter fast approaching, preparedness is key.

  • 5. Full Circle

    A thrilling journey through every season, exploring how animals adapt to their constantly changing worlds.

  • 6. A Year on My Planet Earth

    A Year on Planet Earth was filmed over three years, in over sixty locations. This is the story of the scientists and conservationists protecting it.

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