About Sex

"About Sex" invites teens to take a funny and frank look at what's going on in their head, their heart, and between their legs as they navigate life and love as a young adult. Thirty-five episodes explore topics from consent to pornography addiction, through skits, expert advice, and teen testimonials.

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    About Sex is a funny, surprising, informative, and uncensored series about teenagers and sex.

  • 1. Performance

    Julian and Rose are stressed out at the thought of making out.

  • 2. Sexting

    Leah has come up with an app that will solve the problem with dick pix…

  • 3. Penis

    Arun discovers that his best buddy Marcus really likes talking about his penis!

  • 4. Female Orgasm

    Marcus discovers that a hat trick can also mean having three… orgasms!

  • 5. Breasts

    A romantic dinner takes an unexpected turn when Julian says something about Rose’s breasts.

  • 6. Friends with Benefits

    Arun and Leah are surprised when Marcus and Maddy casually reveal they are friends with benefits.

  • 7. Male Orgasm

    Worried about his orgasms, Gavin calls a help line.

  • 8. Masturbation

    Rose is happy to have a bit of time with herself, but the real - and fantasized! - Julian gets in the way…

  • 9. Fantasies

    Did Camille really say she fancied the tooth fairy?!? Yep!

  • 10. Sexual Orientation

    Ryan tries to reveal his sexual orientation through a boardgame, but Rose and Julian can’t seem to get it…

  • 11. Consent

    As Arun is choking on a sandwich, Gavin and Marcus discuss the importance of him consenting to abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver)…

  • 12. STBBIs

    Marcus and Maddy’s improv skills are tested when Leah chooses STBBIs as the theme.

  • 13. Caresses and Foreplay

    As Leah is trying to teach Camille about foreplay, she realizes Camille knows more about allergies…

  • 14. The First Time

    Rose and Julian remember that their first time was…something to forget about!

  • 15. Porn & Reality

    Camille tries to convince Ryan that porn has made her a sexpert…

  • 16. Contraception

    As he’s about to have sex with Camille, Ryan finds a surprising use for his condoms…

  • 17. Virginity

    When Arun gathers his friends because he absolutely needs to tell them something, they think he’s about to come out.

  • 18. Vulva

    Julian has come up with an unconventional idea for his Christmas cards.

  • 19. Gender Identity

    Julian starts to wonder about his gender identity when he realizes he’s wearing a piece of Rose’s clothes.

  • 20. Romantic feelings

    Maddy and Marcus go on a mock date to test if he’s developing romantic feelings for her.

  • 21. Double Standards

    Julian becomes confused when Ryan and Rose use muffins to argue about how many sexual partners men and women should be allowed to have…

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