Alma's Not Normal

Sophie Willan’s candid and heartfelt comedy about a working class woman dreaming big in a small town – and finally putting herself front and centre.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Feng Suey

    After a recent break-up, Alma tried to get her life back on track. But with no job, no qualifications and a rebellious streak a mile wide, it is not going to be easy.

  • 2. Ruby

    Alma reluctantly takes up the position of 'sandwich artiste' at SubNGo. But after a demeaning trial shift, she decides to try a different career path.

  • 3. The Richard Gere

    Alma is finally making some money by embracing her role as Ruby when she meets Phil. He's a client who is handsome and sophisticated.

  • 4. Boom and Bust

    There's some good news for Lin, as her section could finally be lifted, but it means Alma has to convince Grandma Joan to let her Mum move in.

  • 5. On Record

    When social services sends through her records, Alma faces up to her experiences of being in the care system. She might end up missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • 6. Sticking With You

    Alma continues to juggle the well-being of her troubled mum with her personal dreams and ambitions as her acting career gains traction.

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