Almost Never

Almost Never is a comedy-drama about teenage dreams, as we join boy band The Wonderland at the very start of their journey trying to make it as a band.

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    Comedy-drama about teenage dreams, as we join boy band The Wonderland at the very start of their journey trying to make it as a band.

  • 1. The Spotlight

    The Wonderland come second in the biggest music show on TV, but their on-screen judge, Sasha Small, decides to sign the winners – a girl band called Girls Here First – instead of them.

  • 2. The Gig

    Chloe decides the boys need to record a music video to raise online awareness. Unfortunately, Nathaniel finds himself roped into taking his sister Molly to a Girls Here First concert.

  • 3. The Single

    Nathaniel’s video of him singing at the GHF gig has gone viral, and he’s feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, Harry and Oakley think they have some good news: AJ has got them a gig.

  • 4. The Photo

    The Wonderland try to solve their ‘Spotlight Losers’ image problem with a buzz worthy new band photo. The session with AJ’s pet photographer friend is a disaster.

  • 5. The Squid

    The boys are working at the diner, and feeling further away from fame and success than ever. Making matters worse, Dan is broke and unless he can get help, he’s going to have to sell the diner.

  • 6. The Middle Eight

    Harry is troubled when a hardcore muso, Trinity, describes THE WONDERLAND as ‘just another generic boyband’. Self-conscious about being a manufactured group, Harry searches for a more authentic sound.

  • 7. The Live Lounge

    Chloe tries to get the boys onto a really popular vlog hosted by ‘Tobylarious’ a guy she used to go out with. She doesn’t want to tell Nathaniel about their past.

  • 8. The Birthday

    When Harry meets Frankie Rylands, a failed boy band member, who has come to work in Dan’s diner, he sees a vision of a possible future of himself in five years time. Washed up and washing up.

  • 9. The Chicken

    The Wonderland want to seize on the success of their surprise R1 Live lounge session and get a new cover out asap but this time with a video. Dan agrees to let them film at The Palais.

  • 10. The Ice Cream

    Chloe wants to increase the social media buzz around the boys with more personality-led profiles and has secured interviews with various online magazines.

  • 11. The Boxing

    Dan is launching a fundraiser at The Palais - amateur boxing night - and is looking for volunteers. Chloe and Mya sign up and it soon starts to become a battle of The Wonderland v GHF.

  • 12. The Lost Guitar

    The Wonderland are preparing for a live stream at The Palais but their plans go into free fall after an engineer for band The Wild Kudos walks out of the Palais with Nathaniel’s guitar.

  • 13. The Prom

    Harry’s patience with the band is starting to run out and finding out their only gig is at the school prom makes him question whether they’ll ever make it.

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