American Woman

1974: A long war is ending and the President of the United States is about to be impeached. In Los Angeles, cops open fire on the safehouse where a group of self-styled revolutionaries hide out with the kidnapped heiress who has shocked the nation by embracing their radical cause. Across the country in upstate New York, Jenny (HONG CHAU) watches the violence unfold on live TV, along with her reclusive employer (ELLEN BURSTYN). But there’s more to Jenny than meets the eye – she is also in hiding, wanted for the anti-war bombing of a draft office. Little does Jenny know that the radicals’ most famous convert, Pauline (SARAH GADON) has survived and gone underground, along with a couple of her abductors. But Jenny’s anonymous isolation is destroyed when a go-between recruits her to babysit the three surviving radicals while they write a quickie book. When Jenny meets the enigmatic Pauline, everything she believes about loyalty and betrayal will be thrown into question. Isolated along with the increasingly erratic Juan (JOHN GALLAGHER JR.) and the ruthless Yvonne (LOLA KIRKE), Jenny struggles to comprehend Pauline’s transformation, with the growing realization she faces a watershed choice.

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