Angelique's Isle

Angelique Mott, a young Anishinaabe woman, embarks on a journey with her new husband Charlie, a Metis voyageur who has just been hired by the corrupt copper hunter Cyrus Mendenhall to search the shores of Lake Superior in 1845. Despite the warnings from her grandmother, Green Thunderbird, Angelique agrees to accompany Charlie. They soon find themselves abandoned on Isle Royale after agreeing to guard a large copper boulder until Cyrus returns with reinforcements. As the months pass, and winter comes, they endure the increasing cold and a dwindling food source. After Charlie succumbs to the treacherous wilderness, Angelique is left alone to face her inner demons and reconcile her true identity as she struggles to survive. In light of the messages sent by her grandmother, Angelique realizes that perhaps it is her rich indigenous roots that will be the source of her salvation.

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