Anne with an E

Anne is a coming-of-age story about an outsider who, against all odds and many challenges, fights for love and acceptance, and her place in the world.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

    Not sure what to make of the strange effusive creature he finds waiting for him at the train station, Matthew Cuthbert brings the young girl home to Green Gables. His sister Marilla is just as surprised as Matthew was to discover the orphanage in Nova Scotia sent a girl rather than the expected boy. Anne is understandably crushed to hear of the mistake, and whereas Matthew believes he and his sister may be good for young Anne, and she for them, Marilla will need some convincing. Anne is determined to prove to them that girls can do anything boys can do and more. Much to her chagrin the cards aren’t stacked in her favor, and when Marilla’s treasured brooch goes missing Anne pays the p

  • 2. I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me

    Sent away from Green Gables after Marilla forced her to confess to taking her brooch, Anne makes the long journey back to the Nova Scotia orphanage unsure and alone. Little does she know that Marilla found the missing brooch and Matthew is racing to find her and bring her home. It’s a harrowing journey for them both. Meanwhile, waiting at Green Gables with no way of knowing why Matthew hasn’t returned with Anne, Marilla is consumed with guilt and worry. She’s only somewhat comforted by the company of her friend Rachel Lynde and young Jerry’s presence at the farm. After Anne returns, her joy is quickly muted when it seems Marilla isn’t happy to have her home after all. Emotions run high when Anne learns what it is to really belong.

  • 3. But What is so Headstrong as Youth?

    Although she’s an avid reader and bright girl, Anne hasn’t had experience with school, and is more than excited to embark on her new adventure. It doesn’t take long however for her to misstep. Diana does her best to pave the way for smooth introductions, and Gilbert steps in when trouble brews, but Anne’s unique personality and innocent sharing of her life experience quickly leads many of Avonlea’s students and townspeople to question the Cuthberts’ choice in adopting an orphan. Surprised by an invitation to join the Progressive Mothers’ Sewing Circle, Marilla’s eyes are opened to some forward thinking views. But no sooner than she is welcomed, she too finds herself rejected. Anne, tormented by her embarrassing experiences at school, promises never to return.

  • 4. An Inward Treasure Born

    Anne refuses to go to school. Confused and teetering on the brink of instability having been ostracized by her peers, she finds refuge in her imagination and an abandoned hunting shed she’s turned into a fort and makeshift school of her own. Marilla is at a loss and seeks the advice of the minister to disastrous effect. In Avonlea, the Gillis house burns in the middle of the night and the whole town turns out to help fight the blaze. Anne takes action and acquits herself well, making an inroad with the community, but she is still rejected by Ruby Gillis. Against her will, Ruby must stay with the Cuthberts while her house is being repaired. Anne’s compassionate and generous nature eventually wins Ruby over, but Anne faces the big decision of whether or not to brave school once again, or isolate herself at home with a future lacking in imagination and possibilities.

  • 5. Tightly Knotted to a Similar String

    Anne must deal with the inevitability of (unwanted) womanhood when she gets her first period. In recognition of this uncomfortable milestone, Matthew tries to soothe and bolster Anne by purchasing her a fashionable dress at an intimidating dress shop in Carmody. Here he finds himself completely outside his comfort zone, and face to face with his high school crush, a woman he hasn’t seen in decades. Marilla also tries to ease Anne’s angst, suggesting Anne host Diana for a “grown-up” tea, while she visits Rachel Lynde. But when the girls mistakenly drink currant wine instead of cordial, it’s more memorable than anyone could have imagined.

  • 6. Remorse is the Poison of Life

    With most of Avonlea’s adults, including the Barrys, in Charlottetown to hear the Premier speak, a desperate Diana calls on Anne for help when her little sister becomes deathly ill in the middle of the night. Anne employs her many years of experience tending to children to save Minnie May’s life. Grieving the loss of her longtime companion, Diana’s elderly Aunt Josephine, is staying with the Barrys and bears witness to Anne’s remarkable skills; she grows fond of the girl. Upon her return, a grateful Mrs. Barry lifts the ban on Anne’s friendship with Diana. At the Blythe farm Gilbert’s father passes away, leaving Gilbert an orphan and facing an unknown future. John Blythe’s death affects not only Gilbert but Marilla too, as we learn of the young love the two once shared. In town after the funeral Matthew receives unsettling news.

  • 7. Wherever You Are is My Home

    As Avonlea prepares for Christmas, word spreads that Matthew’s crops were lost when the cargo ship sank, leaving the Cuthberts penniless. When Marilla learns Matthew then mortgaged the farm without consulting her, a heated argument ensues, in the midst of which Matthew suffers a heart attack and collapses. With the bank now recalling its investment, Matthew falls into despair as the Cuthberts are forced to sell everything of value in a desperate bid to save Green Gables. In Charlottetown to auction a horse and visit the pawnshop, Jerry and Anne encounter many challenges, and also run into Gilbert and visit with Josephine Barry. Making the best of a bad situation, Anne and the Cuthberts are reminded of the strength of friendship and love.

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