Around the World in 80 Days

A thrilling new adaptation of Jules Verne’s classic adventure novel starring David Tennant as gentleman adventurer Phileas Fogg who sets out on a quest to travel around the world in 80 days.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Episode 1

    London, 1872. When an anonymous postcard shakes Phileas Fogg to the core, he takes on a wager to circumnavigate the world in eighty days.

  • 2. Episode 2

    As our trio travel across Italy, Fogg encounters an arrogant Italian industrialist, a bully who taps into Fogg’s worst insecurities.

  • 3. Episode 3

    Our trio are stranded on the coast of Yemen, when Fogg decides to hire a guide to cross the Empty Quarter, leaving Fix behind.

  • 4. Episode 4

    Fogg, Fix and Passepartout spend the night in the Indian village of Narupani, where a conflicted Passepartout must decide where his loyalties lie.

  • 5. Episode 5

    Our trio reach Hong Kong and find Fogg is a celebrity. But when events conspire to keep them in the city, Passepartout tries to help – and makes it so much worse.

  • 6. Episode 6

    Stranded on a desert island, with no means of escape, the secrets between our trio threaten to come out and split them apart.

  • 7. Episode 7

    Fogg, Fix and Passepartout travel across the Rockies to catch The Transcontinental railway.

  • 8. Episode 8

    On the final stop in New York, Fogg jeopardises the wager to search for his lost love, and realises the greatest challenge still lies ahead.

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