Art Hurts

ART HURTS travels the country to find some of the most innovative tattoo artists working today - and all of them happen to be female or non-binary.

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  • 1. Ilona Fiddy

    In Toronto, Ilona Fiddy melds the cultural influences she grew up around with old traditions from the Philippines - including some she learned from the legendary Apo Whang Od, believed to be the oldest living tattoo artist.

  • 2. Liz Kim

    For Liz Kim, tattooing has always been a bit subversive - from her upbringing in the church in Edmonton to South Korea, where only doctors are officially allowed to tattoo. Now based in Los Angeles, she’s thriving in her own space and making her own rules.

  • 3. Hilary Jane

    Growing up in Sherbrooke, Hilary Jane didn't feel comfortable at school - then she discovered tattoos. Now, you can visit her in her home and studio in Montreal where waiting lists to get one of her designs are long.

  • 4. Tee Fergus

    As a queer Black woman, Tee Fergus didn’t see herself represented in the tattoo world. But now she’s making her own mark in her Toronto studio and breaking down misconceptions around how Black skin and tattoos work together.

  • 5. Marigold Santos

    Culture takes a frightening form in the work of Marigold Santos, who was a visual artist long before she delved into tattooing. Visit her Montreal studio and find out why a Filipino vampire called the aswang has become central to her designs.

  • 6. Jessica Coffey

    Newfoundland and Labrador pride is front and centre in the tattoos of Jessica Coffey, who is known for her designs featuring local flora and fauna. But she’s also negotiating the Inuk part of her identity, and you’ll see how she’s balancing both in her St. John’s studio.

  • 7. Amy Malbeuf

    In many Indigenous cultures, tattooing of women by women has played an important role. Métis artist Amy Malbeuf reflects on this history, and in her Nova Scotia studio, she works to keep Indigenous traditions alive.

  • 8. Nomi Chi

    It’s impossible to separate tattoos from the pain it takes to get one. Vancouver-based artist Nomi Chi guides her clients through marathon sessions to cover them with her large-scale designs of feminized monsters and mythological creatures. For them, the art is worth a little pain.

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