Art is my Country

New from CBC Arts, we profile ten Canadian artists from different cultural backgrounds, exploring their identity through dance, music, poetry, visual and performance art, and how they are redefining and reshaping Canadian art.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. 2Fik

    We enter the multiple-personality mind of photo performance artist 2Fik who creates elaborate photo montages to explore identity, gender, and image.

  • 2. Ola Volo

    Explore the visual world of mural artist Ola Volo who puts a modern twist on Kazakh folklore to transform public spaces across Canada and abroad.

  • 3. Natasha Kanapé Fontaine

    Innu Poet Natasha Kanapé Fontaine uses her writing to address colonial wounds and reclaim a place for her people in the contemporary narrative.

  • 4. Jose Navas

    We follow contemporary dancer Jose Navas as he closes his “Rites” show and begins a new chapter as a soloist.

  • 5. Grace Han

    We follow ceramicist Grace Han as she uses clay to mould her true identity.

  • 6. Shane Keyu Song

    We follow Shane Keyu Song, the multi-talented front woman of Halifax band Century Egg, as she changes the soundscape of Canadian music.

  • 7. King Abid

    We follow Tunisian reggae artist, King Abid, as he records a song for the people of his new adopted land.

  • 8. Gu Xiong

    Artist Gu Xiong’s painful journey from China to Canada unfolds in every piece he creates.

  • 9. Camille Turner

    From Canada’s archives to Toronto’s Grange neighbourhood, Artist Camille Turner exposes Canada’s shameful history.

  • 10. Julius Poncelet Manapul

    Contemporary Artist Julius Poncelet Manapul transforms gay porn into a delicate social commentary on belonging and safety within the gay community.

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