Aunty B’s House

Aunty B’s House is a live action preschool sitcom featuring the silly, warm and funny foster mom, Aunty B. With her vivacious spirit, playful nature, love for music, and capacity for unconditional love, Aunty B maintains a stable, supportive and loving home for kids that have not always had one. Together with her diverse family of foster children, Zachary (10), Shelley (9), and Khadijah (8), Aunty B has built a home where everyone can be themselves and explore what makes them special. She helps each of her children stay connected to their diverse cultural backgrounds and by doing so, encourages kids at home to accept each other for who they are, celebrate their differences, and learn that families come in many different forms.

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    Welcome to Aunty B’s House! Where foster mom, Aunty B, and her family of foster children use laughter, music, play, & unconditional love to navigate the ups, downs and merry-go-rounds of foster life.

  • 1. Ding Dong: Welcome to the Family

    Aunty B’s house is getting a new foster family member: Shelley! Shelley’s nervous at first, but Aunty B, Khadijah and Zach make her feel right at home, by welcoming her with open arms and music.

  • 2. The Tooth Fairy

    Shelley loses a tooth! Everyone is excited, except Shelley. She’s worried that the tooth fairy won’t be able to find where she lives now that she’s moved, so Aunty B helps her out.

  • 3. Music Night

    It’s music night, and the whole family is ready to jam, except for Shelley. Khadijah tries to help by finding Shelley an instrument to play, and Aunty B helps her find the courage to sing.

  • 4. The Sweater

    Zach and Shelley both like the same sweater. But when each of them wants to wear the sweater first, they compete in a series of challenges to figure out the winner.

  • 5. Foster is Family

    Simon tells Khadijah she has a pretend family. Everyone decides to show him what a foster family really is. At the end of the day, Simon realizes that families can come in all different forms.

  • 6. Brand New Shoes

    The kids put on an animal dance competition. But when Aunty B sees that Khadijah’s feet are sore and needs new shoes, she will need to convince her to give up her old pair but not their memory.

  • 7. Aunty B’s Day off

    Aunty B isn’t feeling well, so Zach, Shelley and Khadijah pitch in and get Aunty B’s chores done for her…well almost. Thankfully, the whole house is always there to help each other out.

  • 8. Who Broke It?

    Aunty B’s vase has mysteriously broken. Detective Shelley and Khadijah are on the case, trying to solve who was too afraid to admit they broke the vase. At Aunty B’s, honesty is the best policy.

  • 9. The Waiting Game

    Zachary’s Grandpa sent him something in the mail. But he can’t stand the wait! Aunty B suggests he distract himself, but he can only concentrate on one thing: that mailbox. Zach learns patience.

  • 10. Whistle While you Work

    It’s chore day but Khadijah just wants to have fun, and chores are not exactly her idea of fun. So, she adopts a disguise. The whole house sets out to convince her that chores can definitely be fun.

  • 11. Soccer Tryouts

    Zachary debates whether he should try out for the soccer team. The house helps him practise to take the nerves away. Hopefully Zach will believe in himself enough to follow through and try out.

  • 12. Dad’s Visit

    Shelley’s dad comes to visit for the first time. Shelley wants the visit to be perfect, but notices that he seems sad. They have a heart to heart about how they’re both feeling.

  • 13. Family Photo

    Zach needs to bring photos to show and tell. He can’t find his old favourites, so everyone dresses up and recreates the photos.

  • 14. The Sleepover

    Simon comes for a sleep over at Aunty B’s house and Zach is thrilled! This is Simon’s first sleepover, and Aunty B’s House has a lot of strange shadows and sounds he’s not used to. Aunty helps him.

  • 15. A Trip to Paris

    Khadijah gets a beret from Paris, a place she thinks she’ll never be able to travel to. Everyone shows her that through her imagination, she can travel anywhere. All aboard Air Aunty B!

  • 16. Bunny Love

    Aunty B’s House has a new temporary foster: Bubbles, the pet bunny! Shelley learns that maybe a foster pet needs a little more attention than she originally thought.

  • 17. The Missing Bouncy Ball

    Shelley has a new ball that Simon likes. The ball goes missing and it’s obvious Simon took it. But when Shelley retraces her steps, she realizes jumping to conclusions can lead to hurt feelings.

  • 18. The Disappearing Act

    Shelley and Khadijah work on their act for the school talent show. Zach totally forgot about it, so needs to figure out what his talent is. When he also decides on magic, the girls get annoyed.

  • 19. Personal Space

    Shelley got a new library book that she can’t wait to read. But Khadijah wants to spend the day playing with Shelley. Shelley learns that the best policy with friends is to communicate.

  • 20. Dumpling of my Heart

    It’s Lunar New Year, and Shelley is excited for her Dad to visit Aunty B’s House. When he gets called into work and can’t make the party, Shelley teaches Aunty B, Zach and Khadijah all about the holiday.

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