Baroness Von Sketch Show

A subversive all-female ensemble, that features some of Canada's best sketch comedians as they take aim right down the barrel of contemporary social trends and office politics.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. I Can't Believe this Used to Take Days

    Ad execs struggle with a campaign to market women’s soap; writing a sympathy card proves difficult; how far is too far at the cottage?

  • 2. Last Year You Weren't Forty

    Something special happens to a woman on her 40th birthday; the miracle of dry shampoo; maybe visiting your therapist at home isn’t a great idea.

  • 3. We've Lost Communication

    A mission to Mars doesn’t go as planned; the odious side of open relationships; straight women flirt with a lesbian; Moms say, “Hello.”

  • 4. If the Killer is Watching

    A Police Chief makes a killer fashion statement; planning the office Christmas party proves problematic; four friends manifest a night of red wine.

  • 5. Stay for a Drink

    A pharmacist goes on a power trip; a hot date is interrupted; the politics of wearing flippers at the pool.

  • 6. 2CatShaPurr

    A trip to the vet for cat lovers; queer theory gets personal; friends try to get out of godmother duty; office birthdays are the worst.

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