Being Erica

BEING ERICA is a funny and magical comedy/drama series where the classic fantasy of revisiting the past offers 30-something year old Erica Strange a chance to come to terms with her choices in life.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Dr. Tom (Pilot)

    Down and out, Erica Strange is desperate to change her life and takes up an offer from a mysterious therapist, Dr. Tom, who sends her back in time to relive a notable high school regret.

  • 2. What I Am is What I Am

    Erica settles for a dead-end job that can pay the bills. She is sent back to her university days, to join an exclusive secret society, with the hope that doing so will finally set her onto the "right" path.

  • 3. Plenty of Fish

    Eternally-single Erica brings best friend Ethan to pose as her boyfriend at her high school reunion. She begins to understand the source of her relationship troubles with men by revisiting the loss of her virginity.

  • 4. The Secret of Now

    In order to conquer her fear of confrontation with her new bully of a boss, Erica is sent back to her first semester of university where she learns to finally stand up for herself against the daunting Professor Lozar.

  • 5. Adultescence

    Tired of being treated like a child, Erica confronts the source of her reputation by returning to her Bat Mitzvah only this time she will prove herself as a woman.

  • 6. Til Death

    Erica is worried that her sister Samantha is marrying the wrong man in Josh. When she goes back to prevent Sam and Josh from ever getting together, Erica learns a big secret one that threatens her relationship with her sister.

  • 7. Such a Perfect Day

    With the stress of work and family life weighing heavily on Erica's shoulders, Dr. Tom decides to give her a break and sends Erica back to a "perfect day."

  • 8. This Be The Verse

    Erica's long-simmering relationship with her mother reaches a boiling point. Going back into the distant past, opens up Erica's eyes to who Barbara Strange really is.

  • 9. Everything She Wants

    Erica explores her feelings for Ryan by reliving an unusual love affair from her university days.

  • 10. Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma

    Erica's "friendship" with Katie reaches a new low when Katie manoeuvres her way into a book deal with River Rock.

  • 11. She's Lost Control

    Charged with supervising the launch of Katie's new book, Erica turns into a complete control-freak. She soon realizes that her need to control might be contributing to the downfall of her relationship with Ethan.

  • 12. Erica the Vampire Slayer

    Unnerved in her new position at River Rock Publishing, Erica must learn to step outside her shell, challenge her inhibitions, and learn that her abilities are not nearly as confined as she had believed them to be.

  • 13. Leo

    Erica returns to her greatest regret, her brother Leo’s death, only to discover the hard way that there are consequences to playing God.

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