Big Block Singsong

Every Big Block Singsong episode features a unique character that sings their very own song. From a pop song about noses to a hip-hop jam about peekaboo.

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Episodes Season 3

  • 1. Bee

    In this rambling tune, a big block bee croons about the honey business.

  • 2. Wizard

    A soulful wizard big block sings about the many skills he's mastered.

  • 3. Share The Care

    A big block sings a tune encouraging everyone to share the care.

  • 4. Cows

    When the fence falls down, a duo of big block cows rap, rhyme and dance their way to freedom.

  • 5. What's Up

    A big block sings an old­school jam about what's up, what's down and what's all around.

  • 6. Bears

    A trio of bear big blocks belt out a celebratory tune about the exciting lives of bears.

  • 7. Activate

    In this energizing song, a big block and his robot friend try to keep active.

  • 8. Imagine That

    A band of big blocks share ideas and imagine what they can do together.

  • 9. Turkey Turkey

    A determined turkey big block belts out an anthem about believing in yourself.

  • 10. Tidy Up

    A pair of big blocks rock out and clean up all kinds of messes.

  • 11. Butterfly

    Mysterious and miraculous changes happen right before your eyes.

  • 12. Alien

    Blast off on a super fantastic, intergalactic tour.

  • 13. Nice

    Forget rough or rude, being nice is her thing.

  • 14. Duck

    This is a quack attack. You better stand back.

  • 15. Lion

    This king of the jungle wants you know just how kingly he can be.

  • 16. Hello

    Discover what you might find by simply saying hello.

  • 17. Questions

    Find out the answers to the questions that really make you think.

  • 18. Time

    What time it is? These guys know.

  • 19. Monsters

    Do you like monsters? These monsters sure do.

  • 20. Dance

    Time to chuck the rules and get down and dance.

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