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There is never a dull moment in the Big Blue. Captain Lettie and the Calypso Crew are always ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way.

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    There is never a dull moment in the Big Blue. Captain Lettie and the Calypso Crew are always ready to tackle whatever challenges come their way.

  • 1. Goo in the Loo / Let’s Get Kraken

    The Calypso Crew is called in to clean up some mysterious ooze, but the job may be more dangerous than they bargained for. Krill and Plink find themselves in an urgent situation and need The Calypso Crew to save them.

  • 2. Frenemies / Plant in the Pipes

    Mira and Lettie get themselves into a sticky situation while constantly competing with one another as to who is better than the other. When the crew finds out their ship is about to be inspected, Lemo wants to help but unknowingly creates a bigger problem than expected.

  • 3. Jellyous / Fraidy Phil

    Bacon Berry feels left out when the crew must take care of a rescue creature that has no parents. Glacial city residents are being terrorized by a giant sea spider and Phil must face his deepest fears to save the Calypso Crew.

  • 4. BB on Board / A Royal Mistake

    An unexpected power outage on the Calypso leads the crew to investigate a mysterious glowing orb on the sea floor. When Bacon Berry takes something that doesn't belong to her, Lettie and Lemo secretly attempt to return it to its rightful owner.

  • 5. Let it Go Lemo / Arlo and Me

    When too much weight on the Calypso slows them down on a mission, Lettie insists that Lemo gets rid of what is weighing them down. Lemo's pet sea pig causes chaos on the Calypso and Lettie wants him to take it back to where it belongs in the Midnight Zone.

  • 6. Coral Circuit / Sub-divided

    The Calypso Crew have entered the Coral Circuit Race for the first time and they are determined to play fair to the finish. The Calypso Crew are in strife when their mission reward cake mysteriously disappears and they each blame one another for keeping it for themselves.

  • 7. Engine Trouble / Losing Lemo

    Freddie has a difficult time when the crew decides to replace Engie with a new and improved engine for the Calypso. Lemo is thrilled when he is called to join United Current Head Quarters and asked to apply his fun brand of science to headquarters staff.

  • 8. My Lil Captain / Walk the Plank

    After the Seahorse King's scepter is almost stolen, the Calypso crew is tasked with keeping watch for the thief at the Seahorse Celebration. When dangerous steam geisers begin popping up, the Calypso Crew set out on a mission to find out what is causing all the ruptures in the sea bed.

  • 9. Diary Woes / Cruise Control

    In a rush to catch the mail ship, Lemo accidentally sends Lettie's diary to headquarters instead of her Captain's Log. When Lettie becomes frustrated with the crew's work ethic, she decides she would be better off doing everything on her own.

  • 10. Crying Dutchman / Remora Never More-A

    Lemo believes that the Crying Dutchman exists and has taken Bacon Berry's favorite toy. The Calypso Crew is uneasy when Phil makes a new best friend and brings him onboard to stay.

  • 11. Change of Hearrrt / Ooze On The Loose

    The Calypso Crew must protect the Golden Anchor of Atlantis from thieves until they can safely deliver it to the United Current Museum of History. The Black Ooze escapes and makes plans to restore chaos in the Big Blue and destroy The Guardian.

  • 12. Shell Game / The Good, The Bad and The Goopy

    When Phil discovers how safe and secure he feels after Freddie lets him borrow his shell, he suddenly thinks he is indestructible. It's Bacon Berry's birthday and the crew is excited to celebrate but their spirits are dampened when they realize that Phil bought the wrong gift for the occasion.

  • 13. LettieBot / Quibbling Rivalry

    Lettie has so much work to do as the Captain of the Calypso that she can't join in the fun with the rest of the crew, so Lemo comes up with an invention to help. Lemo and Lettie are fighting over everything, irritating the entire crew.

  • 14. Funderstruck / Fins Up!

    When the crew declares Captain Lettie is no fun, she finds a way to make the ordinary, extra-ordinary. When Lettie lets Mira Clearwater get under her skin, she makes a decision she comes to regret and must do damage control to make things right again.

  • 15. There's no Chair in Team / The Experiment

    After The Calypso Crew win a dance competition, they receive a special delivery and must share a captain's chair that does everything. Lemo tries to work on a science experiment when he should be watching Bacon Berry and discovers a very unexpected outcome.

  • 16. Revenge of the Sibs / Photo Day Disaster

    Lemo meets a fellow scientist and they decide to work together on an entry to the United Current Science fair. Lettie obsesses about how to take a perfect Crew of The Year photo, creating a series of disasters in the process.

  • 17. Truthfully Yours / Dodge Bubble

    Lettie tries to cover up a mistake she made by withholding the truth about what really happened. Lemo makes a discovery about Freddie's past and insists that he revisit that part of his life, even though Freddie isn't interested.

  • 18. Mini Mira / Understudy Buddy

    Lettie becomes jealous when Bacon Berry develops a bond with her archenemy, Mira Clearwater. Lettie must train famous celebrity Lea to become a captain for an upcoming role.

  • 19. Better Never Than Late / Faith In Freddie

    Lettie arrives nine hours early to accept her punctuality award but Lemo's antics might make them miss the ceremony altogether. The Calypso Crew think that Freddie's mission-based ideas are weird and not suitable to use for missions.

  • 20. Game Nightmare / Captain Lemo

    Lemo decides to create the ultimate gaming system wired to the ship when the crew cancels game night. Lettie must take her Level 10 piloting test and leaves Lemo in charge while she is away.

  • 21. My Dinner With Krill / What's Your Vector, Collector

    When the Calypso Crew gets an invitation to a formal dinner party, Lettie must teach them manners and how to be fancy. Lettie loses sight of what is important when she tries to find a replacement for her broken collectible doll.

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