Big Things Small Towns

On Big Things Small Towns, host Tamarra Canu visits 6 Giants of the Prairies across Alberta!

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  • 1. Drumheller

    Take a walk through the inside of a T-Rex, and get some perspective on how the town's gigantic T-Rex compares to the ground shaking monster that took the top of the food chain so many years ago.

  • 2. Falher

    Wheat fields and honeybees: that's the buzz in Falher. Tamarra walks into a cage of 30,000 bees to participate in their annual "bee beard" tradition — something locals don't dare try.

  • 3. Vegreville

    Tamarra dives into the history of the Vegreville Pysanka and finds out that this massive eggs creation was no yolk.

  • 4. Glendon

    Tamarra visits Glendon, Alberta to see The World’s Largest Pierogi, a must have in Ukrainian cuisine.

  • 5. Medicine Hat

    The World’s Tallest Tepee can be seen from every direction, Tamarra heads to Medicine Hat to learn how this massive object came to be a cultural hub for art and Indigenous culture.

  • 6. Donalda

    Tamarra speaks with the people behind the World's Largest Oil Lamp to find out how their effort to keep Donalda alive could only stretch so far.

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