From BBC Sounds and CBC Podcasts. Syria. 2018. ISIS is on the brink of defeat. A toddler disappears in the chaos. In London, his grandad needs answers. Poonam Taneja investigates.

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  • 1. The Lost Boy

    Two-year-old Salmaan disappears in the chaos of the final days of the war against ISIS. In London, Salmaan’s grandfather, Ash, has been desperate for answers ever since.

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  • 2. Race Against Time

    Bombs drop as Poonam enters Syria, blocking access to the areas she needs to get to. If things get worse, the troops guarding IS prisons say they will be forced to abandon their positions.

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  • 3. Breakthrough

    Poonam finally gets into the prison camp where the women and children of IS are being held. There, she meets a Canadian woman who has information about baby Salmaan. But what is she hiding?

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  • 4. DA’s secret

    Poonam returns to DA, now suspicious of the secret she is keeping. What was IS like through her eyes? What can she tell Poonam about some of the terror group’s most heinous crimes?

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  • 5. The Crater

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  • 6. The Forgotten Children

    Salmaan was one of thousands of children born into or brought to live under IS. They were intended to be the group’s next generation of fighters and mothers. Four years later, they're stranded.

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  • 7. No Tears Left

    Poonam returns to London where she shares what she has discovered with Ash. And travels to Toronto for an unexpected and intriguing meeting with DA.

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