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BOLLYWED is a heartwarming docuseries centred around the Singh family, who have been operating the iconic bridal shop, Chandan Fashion, in Toronto’s Little India for almost 40 years.

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    Love always wins at an iconic bridal shop in Toronto's Little India, owned by Kuki Singh and his family for 37 years.

  • 1. All in the Family

    Old ways versus new ways are challenged as the kids try to take mom and dad’s bridal business to the next level.

  • 2. Going Social

    Social media vs face to face gets put to the test as Kuki and Chandan compete for whose sales techniques work best.

  • 3. Poppin' Up All Over The Place

    The family ventures on a weekend pop up sale in the suburbs but will dad agree to leave the store for a whole weekend?

  • 4. Love It Or Leave It

    Major store repairs put Chandan’s dream of a second location in jeopardy when Mom and Dad decide repairs come first.

  • 5. Location! Location! Location!

    The hunt for a second location is on but the burbs are a bust when the family clash on what will make the best location.

  • 6. Everybody Loves A Party

    Mom and Dad hope nostalgia will keep the kids from leaving the store when the Festival of South Asia makes its return.

  • 7. Sweet Like Kuki

    Kuki’s sweet tooth has the family keeping a watchful eye on his diet but for Kuki what they don’t see won’t hurt them.

  • 8. Game On!

    It’s game on when a posters vs mannequins debate sees the family on opposite sides of marketing techniques.

  • 9. Divide And Conquer

    Mom puts Chandni and Roop in charge of an important event while Chandan is put on ice organizing a surprise for Kuki.

  • 10. New Beginnings

    Kuki is missing when the family prepares for their first solo fashion show and the clock ticks down to Diwali.

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