Bump is a half-hour comedy-drama about an ambitious teenage girl who has a surprise baby and the complications that ensue for two families.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Sorpresa!

    Olympia (‘Oly’) Chalmers-Davis, an ambitious and organised Year 11 student, is blindsided when the long-delayed consequences of one impulsive decision suddenly blow up on her at school. In just one morning, everything about her life changes. For her mother Angie, freedom was in sight. But she and Oly’s father Dom have to put aside their differences to deal with the irreversible consequences of their daughter’s day. Oly’s boyfriend Lachie makes a noble sacrifice; but for their classmate Santi, nothing will ever be the same.

  • 2. The Startle Reflex

    Santi comes to terms with surprise fatherhood but doesn’t know what to do about it, and seeks his grandmother Bernardita’s counsel. Fresh from hospital, Oly tries to retreat to her old life only to realise that things can never be like they were.

  • 3. Relative Strangers

    Oly is determined to get back to school and live out her life, but her day is de-railed by a bold declaration from Santi. The two families meet, and despite the chaotic surrounds, their varying feelings about this turn of events become clearer.

  • 4. Sin Salida

    Dom’s sister Edith is reeling from her messy breakup and her misanthropic ranting sets Dom off against the Hernandez family, fueled by his jealousy of Matias. Dom’s stand puts him on a collision course with everyone.

  • 5. #oleema

    Reema and Oly try to figure out how their friendship works, now that they have one big thing not in common. This is helped along by an impromptu girls night with Oly, Reema, Rosa and Angel, where unexpected alliances and realisations are abound, and Rosa shows her limits on what it means to let loose.

  • 6. Limerence

    The beginnings of Santi and Oly’s relationship are revealed while they try to navigate this instant family dynamic and overcome their misunderstandings as they get to know each other better. Santi reacts when Oly unintentionally rejects his feelings, despite them growing closer.

  • 7. Driftwood

    Dom starts thinking about his life ahead, when an unfortunate disaster brings unexpected benefits and a new sense of hope. Santi’s feelings of rejection take him back to Vince for a day out of school, which doesn’t end well and doesn’t help clarify his relationship with Oly.

  • 8. The Strange Situation

    Oly is still intent on her plans to conquer the world, starting with a video competition at school for a local charity. The kids are distracted by their personal issues rather than the videos, and in helping Lachie with a relationship issue with Zac, ponders her current stalemate with Santi. Reema changes her mind about Vince.

  • 9. All Happy Families

    Oly and Santi’s relationship thrives in a bubble of love at the Hernandez house, an escape from the uncertainty in own family. Rosa goes out to escape, and brings home some tough truths on motherhood that test Oly’s rose-coloured perspective along the way.

  • 10. Matrescence

    The Christening day arrives. Bernardita leads the excitement in the Hernandez household and Oly’s doubts escalate during the preparations. Reckoning with how her decisions will affect her and the baby, Oly panics in the church, wanting to go forward on her own terms.

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