But I'm Chris Jericho!

Leaving in 2 days

In this tongue-in-cheek portrayal of his life, Chris Jericho is a former wrestler struggling to make it big as an actor.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Star Crusaders, Ahoy!

    Frustrated with his role in Star Crusaders, Chris gets help from a superfan.

  • 2. Finders Keepers

    After losing the script for a Hollywood blockbuster, Chris scrambles to save his big break from being, y’know, broken.

  • 3. Peace Out

    Chris unwittingly lands himself in hot water after rejecting a Canadian Peacemonger’s invitation to a dance.

  • 4. Hey, Wassip?!

    Chris and Michelle are guests on one of the hottest radio shows around. It’s also one of the most obnoxious.

  • 5. The Legend Of Randy McGloin

    Chris and Tony embark on a drug-fueled nightmare with an eccentric billionaire producer. Guest star: Kevin McDonald.

  • 6. Fiery Crash

    Now that he has his own show, Chris becomes a huge a-hole on the set of Star Crusaders. Until he gets a call…

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