Canada: The Story of Us

Canada: The Story of Us captures the people and events that forged our country in an entirely new epic and cinematic style.

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  • 1. World's Collide

    Hundreds of Indigenous nations with advanced political systems and traditions live in what today is known as Canada. With the arrival of European newcomers, centuries of Indigenous traditions face sudden change, as France and England compete for a stronghold on this continent.

  • 2. Hunting Treasure

    A new generation of rebels and entrepreneurs compete for the key to this land's prosperity - its natural resources - while others fight to protect them. It's an epic quest for treasure that shapes the country to this day.

  • 3. War of Independence

    Fearless, ingenious, and for the first time - united. The war of 1812 is Canada’s War of Independence. With the British Empire entrenched in a European war - a disparate group of Canadians - Indigenous, French Canadian, Scottish, African Canadian and even ex-pat Americans, join together to fight for their new homeland.

  • 4. Connection

    Inventors and entrepreneurs dream of uniting the country through the latest design and technology - and make their fortunes. An extraordinary generation will revolutionize transportation, engineering and communications - making Canada the high-tech superstar of a newly-wired world.

  • 5. Expansion

    In the lead up to Confederation, Canada faces the threat of American expansionism. Determined that Canada will remain independent and free, a generation of risk-takers, gold miners, cowboys and railway-men will rise to the challenge.

  • 6. Service and Sacrifice

    Bravery and sacrifice defines our new nation, as war erupts across Europe. Canada, as a British Dominion, joins in the fight - a young country seeking to find its place on the world stage. It’s not long before nearly half a million Canadians, including thousands of Indigenous soldiers, travel to Europe to serve beside their allies in the First World War.

  • 7. Boom and Bust

    It’s the dawn of the 20th century, and Canada’s population is exploding. For many Canadians living in urban centres, this growth comes at cost. Deadly diseases plague cities. Labour strikes lead to violent conflict. Through boom times and bust, Canadians struggle to improve their lives and learn to care for others.

  • 8. United at War

    World War II, a war even more terrible than the last, demands courage, commitment and ingenuity. Canada will meet this challenge head on, giving everything we have, at home and abroad. Canadians come together, working, and fighting, for a common cause. United - at war.

  • 9. A New Identity

    Canada experiences a boom-time after the war, but not all are happy with the status quo and seek to reshape the country - dark legacies of injustice are challenged. The circle of Confederation grows and Canada emerges as a complex and cosmopolitan nation on the world stage.

  • 10. The Canadian Experiment

    Canada seeks to navigate the complexities of its diverse population, keeping its borders open to those who have nowhere else to turn while trying to negotiate a new relationship with Indigenous peoples. This unique example of nationhood serves as an example for the world as Canada moves into the 21st century.

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