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  • Police recover 2 more bodies from St. Lawrence River near Ontario-Quebec border

    March 31, 2023: Police say eight bodies have been recovered after they tried to cross into the United States illegally.

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  • Change needed to end 'epidemic' of gender-based violence, says N.S. mass shooting report

    Thursday, March 30 - The final report from the inquiry examining the mass shootings in Nova Scotia calls for sweeping change to end gender-based violence. It describes it as an epidemic that, like the COVID-19 pandemic, warrants a "meaningful, whole of society response." WE'll speak with a former RCMP officer about what role the police can play.

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  • Danielle Smith discussed COVID charges 'almost weekly' with justice officials, according to leaked call

    Wednesday, March 29 - Alberta Premier Danielle Smith spoke to a pastor just weeks before his criminal trial on pandemic-related charges, promising she would again discuss his case with justice officials, beyond the earlier pleas she had already made on COVID-related prosecutions. We'll discuss with a political strategist.

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  • Freeland's budget to focus on green investments, helping the vulnerable

    Tuesday, March 28 - Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland delivers a budget Tuesday that will offer limited cost-of-living relief to the vulnerable and promote green investments as uncertainty continues to cloud the economic horizon. We'll talk to an economist to unpack the main points.

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  • Canada falling behind on connecting rural areas to high-speed internet: report

    Monday, March 27 - The government's efforts to connect rural parts of the country to high-speed internet are falling short, Canada's auditor general says in a report tabled Monday — which warns that the gap between cities and everywhere could lead to equality issues as work, education and many services move online. We'll talk to officials with a First Nation about the gaps they face with connectivity.

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