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  • Canada falling behind on connecting rural areas to high-speed internet: report

    Monday, March 27 - The government's efforts to connect rural parts of the country to high-speed internet are falling short, Canada's auditor general says in a report tabled Monday — which warns that the gap between cities and everywhere could lead to equality issues as work, education and many services move online. We'll talk to officials with a First Nation about the gaps they face with connectivity.

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  • Liberal government to offer $100M to shore up police in Haiti

    Friday, March 24 - Canada will announce $100 million in aid to Haiti's police force, for equipment and other support, a government source with knowledge of the matter told Radio-Canada. We'll talk about what that will mean and the pressure Canada faces to do more.

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  • Ottawa has reached a deal with U.S. to allow it to close Roxham Road: sources

    Thursday, March 23 - Radio-Canada has learned that the Trudeau government has reached a deal with the United States on irregular migration which will allow Ottawa to close the Roxham Road irregular crossing at the Canada-U.S. border. We'll discuss what it means for the Safe Third Country Agreement.

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  • Banks are in turmoil. How might Canadians be affected?

    Wednesday, March 22 - All eyes are on the global banking sector after sudden turmoil brought down or threatened a handful of U.S. banks and one major European bank this month. We'll talk about the impact this could have on the Canadian economy and banking sector.

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  • Trudeau's chief of staff Katie Telford to testify at committee probing Chinese government interference

    Tuesday, March 21 - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff has agreed to testify before one of the committees investigating the extent of the Chinese government's interference in Canada's elections — and what the Liberal government knew about it. We'll talk about what KAtie Telford's testimony would mean.

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