Canada Votes: CBC Explains

How do political parties control their message and sway public opinion? This series will help you navigate the election by pulling back the curtain to reveal tools and tactics used by political parties. We explain why you see and hear politicians do and say certain things, and show you what to watch for.

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  • 1. Talking Points

    Politicians do say the same thing over and over. Talking points keep them on track and ensure the party message sinks in, but these experts say sticking too close to a script risks losing the message.

  • 2. Photo Ops

    Can one bad photo op make or break a leader’s chances at winning an election? We unpack the staged campaign event and show you how leaders avoid a photo-op fail.

  • 3. Attack Ads

    If most people don’t like negative ads, why do parties run them during an election? Strategists say they're one of the most effective campaign tools - but there are unofficial rules to be followed.

  • 4. Fake News

    Why is it so easy to fall for fake news? And how do you spot it? In many cases it unravels with a little digging. We show you what to look for and how to protect yourself from falling for it.

  • 5. Leaders' Debates

    Do they really change how people vote? Strategists say debates are critical to a leader's success. Political scientists say there's evidence they can change votes, though it depends on the election.

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