Canada's A Drag

The time has come for our drag performers to sashay into the spotlight. This nine-part docu-series from CBC Arts showcases the true North strong and fabulous.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Allysin Chaynes, Toronto

    Toronto drag queen Allysin Chaynes wants to be your new overlord - and wouldn't that be fabulous?

  • 2. Lourdes the Merry Virgin, Edmonton

    Librarian by day, Lourdes the Merry Virgin by night. Learn how drag saved this Edmonton artist.

  • 3. Berlin Stiller, Vancouver

    How Vancouver drag icon Berlin Stiller went from serving Big Macs to serving her own "full fantasy."

  • 4. Gay Jesus, Toronto

    The gospel of Gay Jesus: meet the Toronto drag artist spreading love across their kingdom.

  • 5. Prairie Sky, Winnipeg

    Winnipeg drag queen Prairie Sky is "a lady who loves gowns but talks like a trucker."

  • 6. Sofonda Cox, Toronto

    The chameleon queen of Church Street, she's Sofonda Cox and she's here to slay.

  • 7. Guizo LaNuit, Montreal

    This k.d. lang-impersonating drag king has definitely seen it all.

  • 8. Elle Noir, Halifax

    Elle Noir secretly slayed in drag while on tour with the navy - now she's Halifax's queen supreme.

  • 9. Tranie Tronic

    "My name is Tranie Tronic and I'm from outer space." This intergalactic drag queen defies convention.

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