Canadian Reflections

Canada’s longest running showcase of independent short film. For over thirty years, we have given Canada’s best and brightest filmmakers a national audience.

Episodes Season 1

  • Star Line

    A scared Indigenous woman on the run encounters two young girls who offer her refuge in exchange for a story. But the demons of her past may threaten safety of them all before she can finish.

  • Never Steady, Never Still

    A young man returns home from the oil fields shouldering a heavy secret.

  • Nappy Hair & Eagle Feather

    Maleena is the only mixed-race student in her school and experiences racism from her school friends, but does not understand why. With the help of her loving and understanding mother, Malenna is able to reconcile her identity as a mixed raced girl.

  • I Like Girls

    First love is an intoxicating experience, but with it can come excruciating awkwardness, unrequited emotions, and confusing issues of identity. In her trademark playful style, Quebec cartoonist and animator Diane Obomsawin, a.k.a. Obom, adapts her latest graphic novel for the screen, using endearing anthropomorphic figures to tell poignant real-life stories of love.

  • Threads

    In her latest animated short, Academy Award®-winning director Torill Kove explores the beauty and complexity of parental love, the bonds that we form over time, and the ways in which they stretch and shape us.

  • Creme de Menthe

    After the death of her father, Renee comes back home to Saguenay for the funeral. Forced to empty and clean her late father's house quickly, she arrives to a gigantic mess and realizes her father is a hoarder. In the six following days, Renee will try and seek her significance, her own presence, in this clutter.

  • It's All In Your Head

    A mother tells her child a story about the monster in the closet.

  • Dead Bolt

    Sheila Williams is doing laundry in her apartment complex. When she goes to switch her clothes to the dryer, she props open her front door with the deadbolt giving a stranger quick access to her apartment. Locked out with no keys, phone or ID, Sheila struggles find out who is in her home.

  • Forgotten

    Levi lives a simple life until escalating visions too strong to ignore lead him to reconnect to his Indigenous heritage.

  • My Lyric That I Never Knew

    A young indigenous singer decides whether or not to debut a song internationally that will expose her turbulent past and the adoption of her child.

  • Wanted: Strong Woman

    Wanted: Strong Woman - Between working as a nurse and taking care of her uncle, a poet living with memory loss, Nadege has a dull life. That is, until she discovers the world of wrestling. Her new passion will bring out a hidden side of her. A colorful short film bristling with poetry, wrestling and feminine strength.

  • Rebel

    To Alex, a naive six years old boy, the mysterious patrols his father leads with his right-wing militia are just more occasions to go play hide and seek out in the woods. That morning, though, it all came into focus.

  • Before They Were Them

    Before they were them, stardom was just on the horizon.

  • My Wife's Affair

    A man deals with the aftermath of his wife's affair and discovers that making a joke during their couples therapy session is the first step to salvaging their marriage.

  • Volcano

    This razor-sharp two-hander sees two longtime friends meet up for drinks at a tiki bar, only to find themselves in a bidding war for attention, with some telling omissions.

  • Life Support

    A woman who wants to spend some time alone finds herself consoling a stranger.

  • Maternal

    As a young daughter waits for acceptance to her dream arts program, her excitement turning to despondence as time goes on, her Caribbean mother must make a heart-wrenching decision to make sure her daughter escapes the cycle of poverty the two are caught in.

  • May Flowers

    A misunderstanding occurs when Jimmy goes to pick up an order for his boss at May Flowers. Little did he expect how the tables would turn.

  • I am in the World as free and slender as a deer on a plain

    A young woman explores her sexual autonomy through a series of online dates.

  • BKS

    B.K.S uses A.S.M.R video codes to tell a break-up sex story.

  • Red Wine

    A vengeful man poisons a glass of wine intending to kill a former colleague at a fundraising event, but his plot is compromised when he realizes there has been a mix-up - placing the lives of everyone present in danger.

  • An Uninvited Guest

    When a Black man is viciously assaulted by police right outside their window, all of the guests at a dinner party seem to consider the attack unremarkable except for one.

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