Cavendish is... not like other towns, as brothers Mark (Mark Little) and Andy (Andy Bush) discover when they return for the first time since childhood to care for their grumbling malcontent father who runs a Museum of the Strange and Fantastic.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Beast

    Mark and Andy return to Cavendish to visit their estranged father, who runs a tourist-trap museum out of his home. But as the brothers reacquaint themselves with their peculiar hometown, they get caught up in an ominous and threatening tradition.

  • 2. The Annes

    On a whim, Mark and Andy join a production of Anne of Green Gables run by an unusual group of women known as The Annes. When they arrive to rehearse at a creepy, isolated manor, the brothers suspect the Annes have more sinister plans in mind.

  • 3. House of Wax

    In an attempt to impress his father, Andy adds a new exhibit featuring Canadian icon Fred Penner to the Museum. Mark tries to shut the exhibit down when Andy becomes dangerously obsessed by a mysterious statue.

  • 4. Carny Law

    When Mark wants to borrow money, Andy convinces him to get a job. Mark takes work in a traveling carnival and risks getting sucked into a lifestyle from which he may never return.

  • 5. Charlottetown Nights

    While in town to see a show, Mark, Andy, and Molly get lost after dark in a dangerous Charlottetown neighbourhood. Now they have to run, hide and fight their way back to the tourist zone before they become victims of big-city crime.

  • 6. The Coven

    Mark convinces Andy to join the local Coven with him to have some fun. But when Andy fits in better than Mark, the latter starts a much more sinister Coven, threatening to ruin Andy’s newfound group.

  • 7. The Story of Ruth

    After Rollie suffers yet another heart attack, Andy hires a caregiver who seems perfect. But when her interest in Rollie becomes more than professional, Mark convinces Ruth to fight for her man!

  • 8. It’s an Andyful Life

    Andy wonders what his life would be like without Mark, leading to a series of dark events that could change his life forever.

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