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Hosted by actor, playwright and educator Amanda Parris, CBC Arts: Exhibitionists explores the diverse artists who are refreshing, reimagining and revolutionizing art in Canada.

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  • 1. Episode 1

    The premiere episode of Exhibitionists is your ticket to dynamic arts from all parts of our country. And for our first show, we're talking about "beginnings." We follow first-time feature director Stephen Dunn on the nervous-making day of his film premiere, see two dancers of different genres mash up their styles for an upcoming performance, meet a Japanese-Canadian artist with a new baby, and hear internationally renowned hip hop choreographer Lenny Dela Pena reveal a life-changing moment from his childhood. And there's more! This is only the beginning - for Exhibitionists.

  • 2. Episode 2

    An eye-popping package of original video content from filmmakers across the country.

  • 3. Episode 3

    Exhibitionists takes a trip into the wild this week with an episode about "landscape."

  • 4. Episode 4

    *Exhibitionists* follows the path of some artists on the move, in this week's episode called "Wanderlust". They include: an artist who takes a vacation to Bali and never looks back; Jennifer Podemski, who opens up about how travelling can change your world; and Toronto artists who team up with kids from Cape Dorset to look at creativity in the Great White North.

  • 5. Episode 5

    *Exhibitionists* visits artists who are tackling what gives them shivers of "Fear." You'll meet: a choreographer with the opening night jitters; Halifax's legendary Neptune Theatre that turns spooky after dark; and a wonderfully weird video by Toronto collectives Team Macho and DSP Work Archive.

  • 6. Episode 6

    *Exhibitionists* takes a look at artists who are inventing their own vocabulary in this episode called "Language." From TALWST, a visual artist using some tiny things to communicate some big ideas; to Masia One, a Chinese-Canadian rapper taking Jamaican reggae culture to Asia; this episode artists are translating, defining, and creating.

  • 7. Episode 7

    This episode a young poet who tore up Instagram with a single photograph; a visual artist whose performance could be called back-breaking; plus electronic musician Peaches tells a story of when art equals danger.

  • 8. Episode 8

    On this episode a visual artist wields 50,000 pieces of LEGO; a Toronto musician who bucks the norm with her anima style and theremin playing; and a Montreal street artist takes you along for the ride. And that’s not all!

  • 9. Episode 9

    In this week's episode: F--ked Up go opera, and a feminist DJ bares all.

  • 10. Episode 10

    A show about people who create and why they do it with host Amanda Parris.

  • 11. Episode 11

    In this episode: feminists have some drinks and take some shots at Christmas films; a glassblower creates a magical land for the holidays; and designer Karim Rashid just might hate Christmas.

  • 12. Episode 12

    Today on the show an artist crafts fine armour... for cats and mice; Emilie Carrey (aka Sparx) takes her game to a beatbox battleground; and emerging filmmaker Morgan Tams wanders the Sahara Desert.

  • 13. Episode 13

    A journey through the snow with adventure photographer Paul Zizka; artist Maylee Todd creates some intimacy; and DNTO Sook-Yin Lee opens up in a game of Cultural Speedround. Plus more arts stories!

  • 14. Episode 14

    An artist is created by one terrifying and life-changing moment. Artists and musicians who are making their mark, and our favourite internet spots of the week.

  • 15. Episode 15

    On Exhibitionists this week a hair artist sets up shop in Vancouver; Youtube sensation Johnny O reviews your favourite dance videos; and filmmaker Mina Shum tries not to break her parents' hearts.

  • 16. Episode 16

    This week Exhibitionists visits visionary poet and artist d'bi Young; young Vancouver painter Lauren Brevner discovers the real power of social media; plus more!

  • 17. Episode 17

    This week Exhibitionists visits The Yukon to watch a b-boy group windmill in the snow; Obsidian theatre in its 15th year; and introducing the Amelie of Montreal, an arts story that sounds like a fairytale; plus more!

  • 18. Episode 18

    This week on Exhibitionists, visit Zun Lee at the iconic Gladstone hotel to wade through hundreds of polaroids; CBC host Tom Power answers our Cultural Speedround questions; behind the scenes with Studio Black from Nova Scotia; and the drunk feminists take on the Oscar nominees.

  • 19. Episode 19

    A powerhouse line-up of impressive women for our International Women's Day show... a slam poet on domestic violence and a evocative photographer showing us what it means to be a woman, and an electronic musician sounds off with an unusual endorsement.

  • 20. Episode 20

    Exhibitionists' tribute to the Canadian Screen Awards with artists nominated for awards; the Second City performers riffing on CSA nominated films; Sol Friedman's speech for how to lose a CSA (again); and two minutes on a cultural speedwalk with Dustin Milligan from X Company and Schitt's Creek.

  • 21. Episode 21

    An artist who was bullied as a kid wouldn't have dreamed she'd be on the cover of Elle Canada today; Canada Reads authors give you a behind-the-scenes look at penning their first line; and Drake hangs out all over a university campus, kind of. This and more arts stories on this week's Exhibitionists.

  • 22. Episode 22

    A night in Seoul, Korea, with a hot Toronto band, a poet who wants his work to live forever, a painter who’s transforming the way we see Saskatchewan, and comedian Norm Macdonald with a Cultural Speedround on this episode of Exhibitionists.

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