CBC Kids Book Club

Amazing Authors and Illustrators stop by CBC Kids to share their special stories with the gang, and children everywhere. You're gonna love these books!

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  • 1. My Day with Gong Gong

    Mr. Orlando chats with author Sennah Yee about her amazing book "My Day with Gong Gong"

  • 2. Thao

    Author Thao Lam shares their wonderful book "Thao" with Mr. Orlando

  • 3. Abuelita & Me

    Gary makes friends with author Leonarda Carranza and they discuss her book "Abuelita and Me!"

  • 4. Because You Are

    Jael Richardson and Cottonball talk about her beautiful book "Because You Are"!

  • 5. They Say Blue

    Jillian Tamaki shows Cottonball her amazing book & illustrations in her book "They Say Blue"!

  • 6. Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes

    Cottonball meets Mahak Jain and they talk about her new book "Bharatanatyam in Ballet Shoes"!

  • 7. Choose Kindness

    Author and Illustrator Ruth Ohi shares her book "Choose Kindness" with Gary!

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  • 8. Where Do Your Feelings Live

    Catherine Hernandez shares her book "Where Do Your Feelings Live" with Gary!

  • 21. Book song 2022

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  • 22. Benny the Bananasaurus Rex

    Author Sarabeth Holden shares her book "Benny the Bananasaurus Rex" with Gary!

  • 23. Watch It Grow

    Barbara Reid shows Gary just how things grow with her book "Watch it Grow!"

  • 24. The Walrus and the Caribou

    Author Maika Harper shares her book "The Walrus and the Caribou" with Gary!

  • 25. I Love You More

    Emil Sher reads his book "I Love You More" with Gary!

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  • 26. Shetsey (My Grandpa)

    Gary sits down with author Georgette McLeod at Whitehorse Public Library to talk about her book "Shetsey"

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  • 27. When I Listen to Silence

    Author Jean E. Pendziwol stops by to show off her book "When I Listen to Silence" with Cottonball!

  • 28. Revenge of the Raccoons

    Vivek Shraya shares her book "Revenge of the Raccoons," and Cottonball has a... smelly idea!

  • 29. My Soca Birthday Party

    Author Yolanda Marshall talks about her book "My Soca Birthday Party" with Cottonball, and a dance party breaks out!

  • 30. Malaika Carnival Queen

    Author Nadia Holm shares her book "Malaika, Carnival Queen" with Cottonball!

  • 31. Sangeet and the Missing Beat

    Author Kiranjot Kaur joins Gary at Surrey Public Library to talk about ther book "Sangeet and the Missing Beat!"

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  • 32. My Name is Saajin Singh

    Kuljinder Brar joins Gary at Surrey Public Library to show her book "My Name is Saajin Singh!"

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  • 33. Hold That Thought

    Bree Galbraith reads her book "Hold That Thought" with Gary at the Vancouver Public Library!

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  • 34. Oolichan Moon

    Samantha Baynon hangs with Gary at the Richmond Public Library and discusses her book "Oolichan Moon!"

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