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  • 422. Want to be an influencer? What you should know

    KN contributor Isabelle MacNeil looks at whether being an influencer can be a real, sustainable career.

    Leaving in 5 days

  • 423. WATCH – A big bear, a bigger task: How Kinuk got to the vet

    A giant polar bear from the Quebec City Aquarium named Kinuk got a forklift ride to the vet and is now doing better.

    Leaving in 5 days

  • 424. Behind the scenes with the hosts of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge

    Behind the scenes with Nikki Reyes and Craig McMorris, co-hosts of the new reality show Canada’s Ultimate Challenge.

    Leaving in 5 days

  • 425. ChatGPT: How AI is changing homework

    KN contributor Abigail Dove looks at how ChatGPT works and what it means for the future of homework.

    Leaving in 12 days

  • 426. Why do we change our clocks in the spring? Daylight saving time explained

    It’s time to spring forward by setting our clocks ahead by one hour this weekend. We explain why this happens.

  • 427. Kallmekris talks TikTok and rocking out with Nickelback

    Isabelle MacNeil chats with TikTok comedian Kallmekris about Nickelback and her career.

  • 428. 11-year-old girl feeds stray cats in war-torn Ukraine

    In northern Ukraine, 11-year-old girl Veronika Krasevychand and her mother feed their town’s stray cats – including their former family pet.

  • 429. WATCH — Get to know the star and creator of Essex County

    KN interviews Essex County creator Jeff Lemire and star Finlay Wojtak-Hissong about their new miniseries. #VibeCheck

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