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  • 1. What is reconciliation?

    KN explains reconciliation. CBC Kids News contributor Isabel DeRoy-Olson talks about the 94 calls to action and how you can help repair Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples.

  • 2. Hockey has a toxic culture problem, here are some reasons why.

    Hockey might be one of Canada’s national sports, but it’s also accused of fostering a toxic culture. Contributor Abigail Dove explores some of the harmful attitudes and norms associated with hockey.

  • 3. Treaties with Indigenous peoples in Canada, explained.

    Kids News explains the treaties that were signed with Indigenous people, their history and the controversy surrounding them.

  • 4. Handgun freeze, Bill C-21 and Canada’s gun laws explained

    KN explains a new governmental handgun freeze and Canada’s gun laws.

  • 5. FIFA World Cup history: Big wins, fan culture and global scandals

    KN explains the FIFA World Cup ahead of Canada's run in Qatar, with CBC Kids News contributor Abigail Dove.

  • 6. Expensive concert tickets and how ticket resellers cash in

    KN explains how professional resellers hike concert ticket prices and how Ticketmaster helps them do it.

  • 7. The story behind Santa Claus

    KN explains how the image of Santa has evolved throughout history.

  • 8. Why we set New Year's Resolutions

    KN explains how New Year's Resolutions started and how to set goals for 2023

  • 9. The problem with single-use plastics

    KN explains the problem with single-use plastics and what's being done to push towards solutions.

  • 10. Anxiety: Fight, flight, freeze explained

    Kids News contributor Isabelle MacNeil explains why humans feel anxiety, and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

  • 11. King Charles, the monarchy and Canada’s ties to it all

    KN Explains Canada’s ties to the British monarchy and why people are questioning it.

  • 12. 8 billion people on Earth, here’s what it means

    KN explains what it means that the global population is hitting 8 billion people, with CBC Kids News contributor Ainara Alleyne.

  • 13. Music Copyright: Understanding musicians like Ed Sheeran’s legal battles

    Kids News contributor Ainara Alleyne investigates why musicians are sued for music copyright violation, and what that means.

  • 15. Waymo, Tesla, Gatik and other self-driving cars. What you need to know.

    KN explains self-driving cars, the history and technology behind autonomous vehicles and where they are on the road.

  • 16. How Tua Tagovailoa changed the NFL’s concussion protocol

    KN explains what concussion protocol is and why it matters. The NFL changed its protocol after Tua Tagovailoa was reinjured.

  • 17. Elon Musk, Twitter and the free speech debate in Canada

    KN Explains what free speech is and how it works in Canada and on social media like Twitter and Instagram #freespeech

  • 18. Climate change explained in under 5 minutes

    KN explains the basics of climate change with contributor Isabelle MacNeil.

  • 19. Why Hollywood loves making movie sequels

    KN explains the business of movie sequels and the reasons audiences keep watching.

  • 20. Black futures during Black History Month and beyond

    CBC Kids News contributor Ainara Alleyne explains the concept of Black futures and Black Futures Month.

  • 21. ChatGPT: How AI is changing homework

    KN contributor Abigail Dove looks at how ChatGPT works and what it means for the future of homework.

  • 22. War in Ukraine: why it started, why it's ongoing and how it could end

    KN contributor Saba Vahedyousefi explains the war in Ukraine one year after Russia’s invasion.

  • 23. Want to be an influencer? What you should know

    KN contributor Isabelle MacNeil looks at whether being an influencer can be a real, sustainable career.

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