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Hosted by CBC Music's Damhnait Doyle, this bi-weekly series showcases the best and brightest emerging Canadian acts across all genres. Each episode puts the spotlight on one band or artist currently generating buzz in the music scene, and is illustrated with stunning live performances and enlightening conversations about their craft.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Mighloe

    Meet Mighloe, an R&B artist with a timeless voice.

  • 2. BOYFRN

    BOYFRN wants to defy genre, and keep you on your toes.

  • 3. Boy Golden

    Boy Golden aims to uplift through throwback country tunes and cannabis.

  • 4. Tush

    Meet Tush, the band making house and disco raw again.

  • 6. Ouri

    Meet Ouri, the DJ, producer and composer who's redefining what electronic music sounds like today.

  • 7. Charmaine

    Charmaine is here to bring good vibes, and a bad ***** mentality.

  • 8. James Baley

    From brimstone to ballroom, James Baley is singing his truth.

  • 9. Le Ren

    Le Ren is writing her own chapter in the Canadian folk canon.

  • 10. Georgia Harmer

    Georgia Harmer transforms small, intimate moments, into moving melodies.

  • 11. Softcult

    Softcult’s “music for mall goths” is the feminist grunge we need.

  • 12. Shawnee Kish

    Shawnee Kish is reclaiming her identity through soulful pop.

  • 13. Devon Cole

    Devon Cole is making earworm pop with a feminist edge.

  • 14. Teke::Teke

    Teke::Teke's Japanese-infused psych-rock is the future.

  • 15. Katie Tupper

    Katie Tupper is bringing neo-soul from Saskatoon.

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