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CBC Music Live heads into venues big and small to celebrate live music and the unmistakable energy of being shoulder to shoulder with music fans, and face to face with some of Canada's best musicians.

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  • 1. Emanuel live at the Axis Club in Toronto

    Rising alt-R&B star, Emanuel performs 'Alt Therapy' live at the Axis Club | Full Concert

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  • 13. Watch The Reklaws play live to a packed house at Toronto's newest music venue, History.

    The Reklaws bring their 'Winter is a Beach' tour to Toronto channelling sunshine, good vibes, and country music.

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  • 14. Watch Sylo’s intimate, soulful performance at The Baby G

    Sylo performs in Toronto to a sold-out show, exchanging his warm energetic music with fans, and later hopping into the crowd to dance and party.

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  • 15. Watch Busty and the Bass electrify the crowd at Toronto's Drake Underground

    The Montreal electro-soul group performed a lively, jazzy set for a packed audience.

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  • 16. Watch City & Colour perform the album that helped the bandmates process their grief

    The Love Still Held Me Near is the album that came out of that grief. "I kind of just dove headfirst into this idea that I could help myself by making something beautiful out of pain," said Dallas Green, before performing on the album's April 2023 release day at Vancouver's HippoSonic Studios. "All you really can do is move forward."

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  • 17. Watch the Halluci Nation bring their electric pow wow energy to TD Music Hall

    The Halluci Nation gets intimate and energized with fans at the opening night Toronto's newest music venue.

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  • 18. U.S. Girls brings her eclectic, experimental pop to Toronto’s Velvet Underground

    Under soft, pastel-tinted lights, U.S. Girls take the stage performing the new album 'Bless This Mess' and fan favourites.

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  • 19. Dylan Sinclair serenades his hometown with sultry, soulful tunes at TD Music Hall

    Toronto's Dylan Sinclair performs a sold-out show at TD Music Hall.

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  • 20. Watch Adria Kain bring her stunning songs about personal growth to life

    ‘I’m excited to sing my songs for my home crowd,’ said the singer-songwriter, taking the stage at TD Music Hall earlier this year.

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  • 21. Watch Tegan and Sara’s career-spanning set at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall

    Tegan and Sara took the stage of Danforth Music Hall in June, to the delight of the crowd of diehard fans who’d been waiting eight months since the duo’s original tour date had been postponed.

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