CBC Sports Reacts to Canada's Ultimate Challenge

Andi Petrillo provides short episode recap, focusing on a defining moment of the show and an interview with a key player of a specific episode.

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  • 1. Learn the ropes: Mitchell on CBC Sports Reacts

    Mitchell joins Andi Petrillo to unpack his struggle with the first obstacle in episode 1 of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge, and reminds us to “Never Quit.”

  • 2. Heated in the hay: Franz on CBC Sports Reacts

    Franz gets the chance to explain what happened when he, Chris and Donovan Bailey had a heated argument in episode 2 of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge.

  • 3. Fumble the bag: Victoria on CBC Sports Reacts

    Victoria dropped the bag which resulted in a penalty for Team Waneek in episode 3 of Canada’s Ultimate Challenge. Here she explains to Andi Petrillo what was going through her head in that moment.

  • 4. Caught in the Net: Dilpreet on CBC Sports Reacts

    On this very first elimination episode we say goodbye to Team Waneek, after newest team member Dilpreet struggled while climbing the 110ft net rope.

  • 5. Without a Paddle: Chris on CBC Sports Reacts

    In Donovan's absence, Chris C. takes on more of a coaching role, but when he and Skylar take on the tandem kayak, everything seems to go wrong.

  • 6. Off on the Wrong Foot: Zalie on CBC Sports Reacts

    Team Blue is the 3rd team eliminated even after Zalie's valiant effort rappelling Le Château Frontenac in Quebec City.

  • 7. Cool your Jets: Dustin on CBC Sports Reacts

    Team Teal was one of the strongest teams throughout, but were sent packing after coming last during this week's jet-ski challenge. Dustin joins host Andi Petrillo to talk about his experience.

  • 8. You win the Ultimate Prize: Devon & Bradley on CBC Sports Reacts

    After a gruelling cross-Canada adventure full of challenging obstacle courses and fierce competition, Team Black is the official winner of the inaugural season of Canada's Ultimate Challenge.

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