CBX: Canadian Ballroom Extravaganza

In this series, 10 stars of the ballroom scene pair up with 10 queer and trans filmmakers to battle each other in five categories: Face, Runway, Bizarre, Vogue and Sex Siren.

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  • 1. Welcome to the CBX

    Canadian Ballroom Extravaganza has arrived! Learn about the competition, get to know the teams, take a sneak peek at the videos, and make sure you’re up to date on the basics of ballroom.

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  • 2. Face

    Face: you either have it or you don’t! Team Diamond Eyes (Mother Juju Telfar and Mina Sewell Mancuso) faces off against Team Brava (cuartababy and Daniel Lastres). Prepare to be dazzled.

  • 3. Runway

    Team 27.7 (Sileecka and Joshua Rille) and Team Gagnon (Songbird and Kyisha Williams) are fierce competitors in the Runway category. But how will they navigate a behind-the-scenes love story?

  • 4. Bizarre

    East Coast vs. West Coast! Team Best Served Bold (Mookh Dali and Adrian Siegel) from Montreal and Team Bog Beast (Ivy Hazard and Dizzy Ricamara) from Vancouver battle it out in the Bizarre category.

  • 5. Vogue

    Team Cloak and Dagger (Snoopy and Onyeka Oduh) and Team Love (Alizé “Old Navy” Desrosiers and Jontae McRory) may approach Vogue from different perspectives, but they both serve all of the essentials.

  • 6. Sex Siren

    Energy and attitude are on display in sensual and unexpected ways as Team Ego Death (N9ne Margiela and Alejandra Carranza) and Team Deviance (Amiyah Telfar West and Michelle Hanitijo) compete.

  • 7. Grand Finale

    In the big CBX finale, find out which teams our viewers selected as the finalists. Then, our panel of esteemed judges will declare the ultimate winner of the grand prize trophy and a $5000 cash prize!

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