Come Dance With Me

From Afro Dance to Vogue, from Bharatanatyam to Salsa, there's always a new dance style to be explored, so.... Come Dance With Me!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Bharatanatyam

    Janaye learns about Bharatanatyam dancing from her friend Benita!

  • 2. Bhangra

    Bhangra dancer Avneet stops by the studio to teach Janaye about Bhangra dancing!

  • 3. Afro Dance

    Janaye learns some amazing Afro Dance moves from her awesome friend Cassandra!

  • 4. Giddha

    Giddha dancer Navisha stops by the studio to show Janaye what Giddha is all about!

  • 5. Jingle Dress/Side Step

    Maria-Luisa explains the Jingle Dress and shows Janaye a few cool Jingle Dress/Side Step moves!

  • 6. Breaking

    Janaye gets a lesson on Breaking from Canadian Olympic hopeful Tiffany Leung!

  • 7. Fancy Dance

    Anishinaabe Fancy Dancer Joshua shows Janaye how Fancy Dancing is Done!

  • 8. Coastal Wolf Pack

    Janaye learns some amazing dance moves from her friends Kevin and Arthuer of Coastal Wolf Pack!

  • 9. Ukrainian Dancing

    Ukrainian Dancer Catherine stops by the studio to show Janaye some sweet dance moves!

  • 10. Chinese Dancing

    Janaye learns all about Chinese Dancing from her friend Rolian!

  • 11. Voguing

    Janaye learns the history and moves behind Voguing from her friend Twysted!

  • 12. Salsa

    Janaye learns some sweet and sassy Salsa moves from her friend Angelo!

  • 13. Egyptian Dancing

    Melissa lets Janaye in on the secrets of Egyptian dancing!

  • 14. Bhangra with Gurdeep Pandher

    Bhangra legend Gurdeep Pandher brings style and enthusiasm to the studio, and Janaye gets in on the joy!

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