Coronation Street

The UK's longest-running TV soap, Coronation Street focuses on the everyday lives of working class people in Manchester, England.

Episodes Season 1

  • 11028. Episode 11028

    Jenny meets a property developer to discuss a sale, and Shona offers Lauren a fresh start. (Originally aired September 4th)

    Leaving in 1 day

  • 11029. Episode 11029

    Stephen's conscience is pricked at Rufus's memorial, and Gemma and Henry strike a bargain. (Originally aired September 4th)

    Leaving in 1 day

  • 11030. Episode 11030

    Peter shocks Carla with a confession, and Lou's determination throws Stephen into a panic. (Originally aired September 5th)

    Leaving in 2 days

  • 11031. Episode 11031

    Stephen aims to retrieve incriminating evidence, and Lauren and Gemma adjust to new jobs. (Originally aired September 6th)

    Leaving in 3 days

  • 11032. Episode 11032

    Lauren makes a fool of herself in front of Roy, and the Baileys discuss a new enterprise. (Originally aired September 7th)

    Leaving in 4 days

  • 11033. Episode 11033

    Glenda hosts a summer spectacular but Cassie's arrival provides offstage drama for Tyrone. (Originally aired September 8th)

    Leaving in 5 days

  • 11034. Episode 11034

    Lauren explains herself to Max and Shona, and Tyrone reacts to Cassie's bombshell. (Originally aired September 11th)

    Leaving in 8 days

  • 11035. Episode 11035

    Tyrone doesn't know which way to turn and Ryan suffers the effects of his steroid intake. (Originally aired September 12th)

    Leaving in 9 days

  • 11036. Episode 11036

    George produces his new business cards bearing Todd's name. (Originally aired September 13th)

    Leaving in 10 days

  • 11037. Episode 11037

    Michael gets mixed up in Cassie's dodgy dealings, and Peter pressures Ryan to pay his way. (Originally aired September 14th)

    Leaving in 11 days

  • 11038. Episode 11038

    Troy targets Todd with a tempting job offer, and Ryan receives a risqué request. (Originally aired September 15th)

    Leaving in 12 days

  • 11039. Episode 11039

    Daisy's fresh start propels Ryan towards a questionable enterprise. (Originally aired September 15th)

    Leaving in 12 days

  • 11040. Episode 11040

    Ryan lies about the source of his income, and Paul is forced to accept help up the stairs. (Originally aired September 18th)

  • 11041. Episode 11041

    Paul goes AWOL following a row with Billy, and Carla feels the force of Ryan's temper. (Originally aired September 19th)

  • 11042. Episode 11042

    Paul insists on celebrating Pride, and Stephen takes Jenny to Lily's birthday party. (Originally aired September 20th)

  • 11043. Episode 11043

    Sarah makes a discovery about Stephen and Gabrielle, and Ed throws Ronnie into a panic. (Originally aired September 21st)

  • 11044. Episode 11044

    Paul's naked ambition scandalises Billy, and Dom offers to reach an agreement with Stu. (Originally aired September 22nd)

  • 11045. Episode 11045

    Lou ignites Carla's suspicions, and Shelly reveals her scam to Paul and Bernie. (Originally aired September 22nd)

  • 11046. Episode 11046

    Roy tells Peter about Carla's paranoia, and Stephen and Jenny give in to passion. (Originally aired September 25th)

  • 11047. Episode 11047

    Ronnie waits to see if his gamble has paid off, and Dev accuses Bernie of infidelity. (Originally aired September 26th)

  • 11048. Episode 11048

    Evelyn warns Tyrone to expect the worst when he offers Cassie a job. (Originally aired September 27th)

  • 11049. Episode 11049

    Abi catches Cassie consorting with her dealer, and Henry declares his feelings for Gemma. (Originally aired September 28th)

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