Crash Gallery

This art challenge series showcases 15 artists from across Canada: from painters to illustrators, graffiti artists to puppet makers, featuring a diverse group of artists from all backgrounds.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Roadtrip Triptych

    The artists tackle a tough triptych challenge, with the winners switching gears to make their mark on the metal canvas of an old sedan.

  • 2. Oils & Water

    In the first round artists channel their inner Andy Warhols in a smashing window paint off, before the final two cool off in an underwater painting challenge.

  • 3. Bottoms Up

    The artists battle gravity as they paint audience portraits upside down, with the lightheaded winners facing off in a futuristic digital graffiti wall challenge.

  • 4. (You Say You Want) Revolution

    After the first round’s sticky street art challenge, two winners get dizzy painting Michelangelo-style while spinning on a motorized platform.

  • 5. Dinosaurs & Dioramas

    Artists work with recycled materials to turn trash into treasure, then the finale sees the top two pulling items from a conveyer belt to sculpt a suitcase diorama.

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