From the creator of Trailer Park Boys - When raccoons invade the world’s most functioning dysfunctional family, they help breathe life and new meaning into their home.

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    Crawford centres around a young man who, after a run of bad luck, moves back in with his parents and turns his natural ability to relate to raccoons into a successful business, all while navigating life with his eccentric family.

  • 1. I'm Not Crazy, I Love You

    Prodigal son Don returns home, finding himself in the midst of “the mystery of the ransacked kitchen.” As he readjusts to living with his dysfunctional family, he discovers a rare gift that will change his life.

  • 2. This Will Not Stand

    Don discovers he’s jeopardized the lives of the raccoons by releasing them into the wild. Dad’s obsession with building a cabin in the woods consumes the entire family and sparks an unforeseen chain of events. Mom is masterminding a new cereal.

  • 3. Manny's Oath of Secrecy

    Dad continues to dream of his cabin while Brian helps launch Don’s raccoon removal business. Manny, a wreck since the attack, confesses to Wendy, and Shellers shares a secret with Cynthia.

  • 4. Someone Is Looking Out For You

    Concerned with Brian’s recent behaviour, Cynthia and Owen implement a plan. Don meets an intriguing scientist who changes his opinion about raccoons.

  • 5. Rukma Vimana

    Don moves out, Owen is determined to spend a night at his cabin much to Cynthia’s dismay. And it’s finally cereal pitch day, pitting Cynthia against rival Veronica.

  • 6. Who's That Girl

    While Mom celebrates a cereal victory, Wendy receives a text message that turns her world upside down. Don’s move to Rita’s disrupts life at home.

  • 7. Please for Fish

    Mom makes a distressing discovery and Don begins to worry about his mental stability. The Everly brothers seek retribution, causing family turmoil.

  • 8. The Quiet One

    Don considers therapy as Rita proposes a theory that raccoons are communicating on new levels. Meanwhile Mom, ready for the release of her latest cereal, is concerned about Dad’s new obsession, and the Everlys’ revenge tactics begin to take their toll.

  • 9. I Can't go to U2 Without You

    Mom’s cereal hitting the shelves proves too much excitement for Shellers which means Bryce’s romantic getaway plans may be shelved too. Dad is forced to face the fact that the Everlys and their lawyer are trouble.

  • 10. Manny's Way

    Now a fugitive on the run, Manny turns to Owen for help but insists on doing it his way. In Mom’s cereal world, Taylor makes a difficult decision.

  • 11. He's Bending Again

    As one door closes for Mom and her cereal, a new one opens when Shellers makes a surprising online discovery. Dad and Manny arrange an exchange with Dallas and the Everlys hoping to settle things once and for all. Don tries to reason with the raccoons as Wendy and Brian take an oath of secrecy.

  • 12. Can You Hear Me?

    While Don struggles to find raccoon harmony, Dad, Manny, and Brian turn the tables on the Everlys and Dallas. Taylor and Vern sheepishly pay Cynthia a visit in hope of striking a deal. Wendy shocks her family with a big reveal.

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