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Fraud. Abduction. Murder. Crime Story host and investigative journalist Kathleen Goldhar goes deep into a tale of true crime with the storyteller who knows it best.

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  • 1. Bone Valley: ‘Why is Leo Schofield still in jail?’

    Bone Valley is a remarkable podcast about cold blooded murder, the deeply flawed conviction of Leo Schofield and a relentless pursuit of the truth by Gilbert King.

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  • 2. NXIVM: Inside The Celebrity Cult

    When Josh Bloch ran into an old friend, she had just left a cult called NXIVM and feared for her safety. Sarah spent years under NXIVM’s control, and had been branded with the cult leader’s initials.

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  • 3. Chasing Cosby: The Rise & Fall of America’s Dad

    For decades, Bill Cosby charmed America. But behind the scenes, rumours circulated that he was drugging and assaulting women. Nicole Weisenee Egan was the first reporter to dig into the claims.

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  • 4. The Attack of Lenard Clark: Chicago Divided

    In 1997, Lenard Clark was beaten into a coma simply for being Black in a white neighbourhood. One of Clark’s attackers was from a powerful family. Yohance Lacour was frustrated by the media’s coverage.

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  • 5. The Human Scale: Love and Death

    In 2016, police found the body of Dr. Elena Fric in a suitcase. Her husband, Dr. Mohamed Shamji, was arrested. He was the focus of the headlines. Michael Lista promised to tell Elana's story.

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  • 6. The Girlfriends: Doctor. Pilot. Murderer?

    When Carole Fisher met Bob Bierenbaum, he seemed like a catch. But there was something off about him. More than 30 years after they broke up, she uncovers his dark past in 'The Girlfriends' podcast.

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  • 7. The Teacher’s Pet: Solving a cold case 40 years later

    When Lyn Dawson disappeared in 1982, many suspected her husband Chris Dawson was involved — but for 40 years, the case went nowhere. All that changed when journalist Hedley Thomas entered the picture.

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  • 8. Unabomber: Beyond the Myth

    Was the unabomber a madman or a misunderstood genius? Journalist Eric Benson revisits the story of Ted Kaczynski and dives deep into the unabomber’s own archives, to understand who he really was.

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