Da Kink in My Hair

Da Kink in my Hair centres on Letty’s, a salon in Toronto's Caribbean community. The kind of neighbourhood place where women go to let their hair down in more ways than one. Life's big events - love, marriage, divorce, births, death - send clients into the salon, where they end up in the capable hands of the smart, juicy owner.

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  • 1. Rules are Made...

    It’s a Saturday - one of the busiest days in the salon and Novelette discovers that Joy hasn’t filled in the appointment book. Joy tells Novelette there is more than one way of doing things and reels off some of the day’s appointments.

  • 2. Fass and Facety

    It’s obvious to everyone but the Campbell sisters that Dwayne, the hair care salesman, is interested in Novelette. But that doesn’t stop Joy from making a pass at him and inviting him out on a date. Nigel saves her from a humiliating rejection by pretending to be interested in her.

  • 3. Chicken

    When Joy turns a staid, older woman’s hair into an outrageous dance-hall style, Novelette admonishes her staff and allows Starr to try her hand at ‘fixing’ the woman’s hair, much to Joy’s chagrin. Joy and Starr continue to clash, which results in Novelette buying ugly smocks for them to wear at work.

  • 4. Empty Bag Can't Stand Up

    It’s the hottest day of the year – in Toronto, and in the shop. Caribana has filled the city with exciting visitors and sexy festivities. And everyone’s off to the parties all except Starr that is. The shop itself is a perfect microcosm of all that, bustling with activity, pulsing with music - except the air conditioner is on the fritz… again.

  • 5. Love Can't Wrap Up In A Paper

    A reporter from Toronto's top Caribbean magazine, Pride Magazine, interviews Novelette for a spot in their upcoming issue on ‘Women of Distinction.’

  • 6. Every Hoe Have Him Stick

    On a Saturday morning before the shop opens, Starr catches Nigel at a cheque-cashing place. The sparks fly between the two as usual, and she accuses him of sending money to another girl back home. But Nigel’s answer this time is serious.

  • 7. The Man of the House

    Tensions between the sisters run high as Joy begrudgingly packs to catch a flight to Jamaica to care for their ailing (and cantankerous) mother. Though well aware of the strain, Novelette finds her thoughts occupied by concerns with a different family member… Dre.

  • 8. Mouth Open, Story Jump Out

    When a white man (Matty) visits the salon, Joy mistakes him for Starr’s boyfriend. Nigel overhears Starr on the phone as she discovers her credit card has been cancelled, and demands to know what’s going on with her.

  • 9. All That Glitters

    Joy’s relationship with Gary is climbing the thermometer, going from ‘hot’ to ‘scorching.’ Unfortunately, Joy’s got a teenager’s problem - Letty doesn’t want her bringing men upstairs to her room as she wants Joy to set a positive example to Dre.

  • 10. Mother of a Day

    Mrs. Campbell has come all the way from Jamaica for Novelette's birthday - a surprise orchestrated by Joy. Only, she’s two days early and full of complaints. Mrs. Campbell insists that there be a party for Letty's birthday. Novelette tries to tell her that she has already made plans (with Dre and Dwayne), but Mrs. Campbell barely hears her, and enlists Joy to assist her in organizing the party.

  • 11. Me Throw Me Corn But Me No Call No Fowl

    Joy and Gary are on a date at Maxine’s when she bumps into Patrick, a childhood friend. Gary orders a taken-aback Joy not to see Patrick again - she’s his woman now. And then he presents her with the promise ring. Joy’s ‘dancing on air.’

  • 12. Speaky-Spokey

    Starr is sent into a very particular type of emotional tailspin when a client’s husband walks in. Turns out he’s not just any man, but her college boyfriend made good, the ‘one that got away.’

  • 13. Di Heart of Di Matter

    For the shop’s first entry in the local Hair Shop Showdown, Novelette has marshalled Starr and Nigel into helping her create a classy and upscale exhibition to match her vision of her shop. Joy, however, has studied the hair show winners for years and is convinced that Letty’s approach simply won’t do - the judges want sassy, not classy!

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