Daisy & The Gumboot Kids

Daisy, a DIY crafting mouse, finds inspiration in nature and leads the Gumboot Kids through the creation of a nature craft.

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  • 1. Bird Cookies

    Daisy guides the Gumboot Kids as they make healthy DIY bird cookies for their fine feathered friends. The Gumboot Kids have tons of fun making the bird cookies and then hanging them up in the trees ready for the the birds to snack on.

  • 2. Ladybug Rocks

    Daisy is feeling lucky and decides to make DIY ladybug rocks with the Gumboot Kids. Daisy and the Gumboot Kids have tons of fun as they paint their very own lucky ladybug rock friends.

  • 3. Flower Butterflies

    Daisy sees a stunning butterfly perched on a flower and is inspired to make a nature craft. Daisy guides the Gumboot Kids as they make their own beautiful DIY flower butterflies.

  • 4. Rainbow Wands

    Daisy is inspired to make a magical craft after seeing a rainbow on her walk: a DIY rainbow wand! Daisy and the Gumboot Kids explore nature and gather the perfect wand and decorate it with the colours of the rainbow.

  • 5. Sand Art

    Daisy brings home inspiration from her walk on the beach: sand! She teaches the Gumboot Kids how to create beautiful DIY sand art by exploring the local seascape, letting them take a little bit of the beach home with them!

  • 6. Paper Snails

    Inspired by a snail sitting on her window ledge, Daisy shows the Gumboot Kids how to make adorable paper snails by recycling old newspaper, turning something old into something new!

  • 7. Apple Stamps

    Daisy is taking out the compost when she notices the curious shapes of the old fruits and veggies. These super fun shapes inspire Daisy and the Gumboot Kids to make a nature craft: fruit and veggie stamps!

  • 8. Garden Jar

    While doing some spring cleaning, Daisy finds glass jars that inspire her to make a beautiful nature craft: a DIY garden jar! Daisy shows the Gumboot Kids how to mindfully collect little pieces from nature and create their very own terrerium.

  • 9. Nature Weaving

    Daisy is excited to make a DIY nature weaving after watching a spider weave a web. Daisy and the Gumboot Kids have fun weaving things they find in nature into their very own nature looms, just like the spider!

  • 10. Forest Mobile

    Daisy loves the wind, and wants to show the Gumboot Kids how to make a nature craft that helps them see and hear the wind too! By carefully collecting pinecones and other things from nature, Daisy and the Gumboot Kids create beautiful DIY wind mobiles.

  • 11. Willow Crown

    Daisy wants to wear something fun to her tea party with Scout and so her and the Gumboot Kids make a nature craft you can wear: a DIY willow branch crown! They have fun twisting willow branches into circles and then decorating them with wonderful flowers and leaves.

  • 12. Bug Hotel

    Daisy loves it when bugs come to visit her garden. She wants to make them feel at home so she creates amazing DIY bug hotels with the Gumboot Kids for her little insect friends.

  • 13. Shadow Art

    Daisy notices that the sunlight cast through some flowers makes a wonderful shadow shape on the paper that sits on her desk. Daisy is inspired to make DIY shadow art by tracing curious shapes from nature with the Gumboot Kids and then transforming them into beautiful images with paint!

  • 14. Leaf Mandala

    Daisy is inspired by a sunflower to create a nature craft that celebrates the beautiful patterns of nature! Daisy and the Gumboot Kids gather special shapes from nature to make DIY mandalas, creating their own exciting patterns.

  • 15. Pinecone Friends

    Scout visits Daisy to give her some pinecones he found on his walk that morning and Daisy gets the idea to make a DIY pinecone animal! By collecting pinecones and other cool shapes from nature, Daisy and the Gumboot Kids craft their own little pinecone friends.

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