Daryn Jones Live

Daryn Jones is let loose in the CBC offices and on the town to embroil co-workers, celebrities and people on the street in a series of pranks, stunts, rants and games. He riffs of everything from whether social media is ruining the world, to how long until the robots take over, to the way we raise our children, to whether Canadians are really as polite as we seem.

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  • 1. Social Media is KILLING Us!

    Social Media is killing us. Fake news, trolls, bots, and worse. But we can’t stop scrolling, clicking, liking, and sharing. What’s wrong with us? Special Guest: Internet comedian Jus Reign.

  • 2. Millennials vs. Boomers

    Are Millennials self-entitled, avocado eating snowflakes? Are Boomers privileged, and out-of-touch? Which generation is worse? Daryn settles it. Guest: Youtuber Azzyland

  • 3. Life Before the Internet

    Life before the internet was THE WORST…as long you’re cool with fake news, data thefts, trolls, bots, and other online problems. Daryn explains why pre-internet nostalgia is a helluva drug.

  • 4. Canadians are Too Polite

    The world thinks we’re all polite and nice, but we know that’s not true. Daryn shows us why being passive-aggressive is our true national identity. Special Guest: Rick Mercer

  • 5. Artificial Intelligence

    How long do you have until self-learning A.I. robots come for your job and maybe your life? Daryn shows us why you’ve got less time than you think. Special guest: Tech Expert Amber Mac

  • 6. Army of Weaklings

    You want to raise independent kids, but the cops get called if you let them walk to school alone. What’s a parent to do? Daryn Jones calls out copter parents & how to deal. Special Guest: Allan Hawco

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