Deeply Rooted

Cazhhmere is a proud Canadian. Her ancestors were among the first black settlers to come to Canada in the 1600s - her family has spent hundreds of years weaving itself into the fabric of our nation. Despite this deep history, Cazhhmere is constantly questioned about where she is originally from. Cazhhmere sets out to change your perception of what a multi-generational Canadian family looks like. She delves into the story of the Downey/Collins family, which includes fighting in WWI and WWII, standing on an Olympic podium, appearing on the silver screen, and breaking through barriers in Canadian politics. Through interviews with her family members, she shares her family’s rich history and shows an overall sense of unity that is seldom seen in black families in today's media landscape. In a country that is widely known for being a "global melting pot," our nation can easily forget that not every person of color is a newcomer to Canada.

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