An exploration of the tech innovations that artists are using to digitize, disrupt, and reimagine their creative visions. Hosted by Taelor Lewis-Joseph.

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  • 1. AI: Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence: it thinks like us, writes like us – but can it create art like us? Dive into the latest buzz to unpack if AI is a helpful collaborator or just thieving competition.

  • 2. 3D Rendering

    Taelor steps into the "Willyverse", the digital world of 3D artist William Ukoh, and speaks to artist and educator Hiba Ali to investigate how 3D rendering can be a tool for creativity and healing.

  • 3. AR: Augmented Reality

    A wave of artists turn to augmented reality to exhibit their work in public spaces, visible through smartphones. How can AR push past gallery gatekeepers and, in the process, encourage exploration?

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  • 4. Computer-Generated Music

    Mechanical maestros are taking the internet by storm, composing and performing tech-powered tunes we can all jam out to. But can these robots hit all the right notes and capture the magic of music?

  • 5. Photogrammetry

    Combining the best of creativity and science, artists use photogrammetry to preserve cherished and culturally-important places, especially those most at-risk of disappearing.

  • 6. Virtual Reality

    With a virtual reality headset, art lovers can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of an interactive world–experiencing every angle of the artist’s digital vision.

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