Dino Ranch With ASL Interpretation

Come on down and have yourself a visit on the Dino Ranch. Run by the Cassidy family this ranch is home to some biggest and wildest dinosaurs roaming the wild frontier.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 31. Blitz Be Gone

    After avoiding his Dino Dental check-up then finally going, Blitz learns that he had nothing to worry about, and he's glad that he tried something new.

  • 32. Pequeño Big Shot

    Miguel invents a mechanical lasso, but when it continually malfunctions and is needed to save the day, Miguel learns to keep trying and never give up.

  • 33. Pterodackattack!

    When Miguel builds a dam on the creek to create a dino watering hole, the ranch is suddenly marauded by hungry wild pterodactyls snatching up food!

  • 34. Sonny the Kid

    When the infamous dino rustler Sonny the Kid threatens to ruin her friends big day, Min volun-teers to guard the Dino Airport; a task that proves to be easier said than done with all the excit-ing Opening Day events that keep drawing Min’s attention.

  • 35. Dino Sore

    Jon injures himself rescuing a wild raptor, and in order to reunite it with its family, he must be willing to play a different role and let Min and Miguel take the lead.

  • 36. Strife in the Fast Lane

    Min’s excitement to deliver an egg to her friend leads the Dino Ranch gang into a runaway comedy of errors when their hastily repaired egg cart gets away on them.

  • 37. Ranch-a-Pal-ooza

    When Min puts her chores off to have fun with Tara, it causes a chain of events that leads to Angus squaring off with a wild spinosaurus.

  • 38. Sky’s the Limit

    Jon becomes upset when he doesn’t take to ptero-flying as quickly as Min and Miguel, and pushes himself to be the best when he tries to fly a delivery through powerful winds.

  • 39. Trading Day

    When the Jr Ranchers switch up their dino-rides, they have a hard time getting used to each other’s dinosaurs.

  • 40. It’s a Dino Egg-Mergency

    When a batch of eggs need to be moved from the Hatchery and start hatching, Min spirals into a frenzy trying to wrangle the rambunctious newborns and keep them safe.

  • 41. Family Feud

    Riding out to lead a herd of triceratops to greener pastures becomes a much more difficult task when the gang won’t stop squabbling and pointing fingers.

  • 42. This Ranch Ain’t Big Enough

    When a sick spinosaurus needs to be tended to at the Ranch, Miguel lies to Biscuit to keep the two giants apart.

  • 43. Herds of a Feather

    After a mixed-up by Miguel results in a baby t-rex hatching at the Dino Airport, Miguel seeks to help the little dinosaur find his place among the airport team.

  • 44. Stink to High Noon

    When Sonny the Kid hides stink weeds all over the Ranch, Jon goes against Min and Miguel’s advice and is goaded into a lasso challenge by the outlaw- not realizing that if he loses, Sonny wants Blitz, Tango, and Clover as his prize!

  • 45. Calling All Riders

    The Cassidys and Tinhorns face off in a race, but it’s only through learning to work together that they’re able to finish the race.

  • 46. Ridin’ Mighty

    While helping Tara make an important delivery, Jon’s confidence goes to his head causing careless mistakes, and he must accept that there’s always more a Rancher can learn.

  • 47. Storm-A-Lert

    In the middle of an approaching storm, Miguel rushes through his important jobs so he can work on his new invention, but needs to make sure one task is finished before he moves on to another.

  • 48. Adoptasaurus Rex

    Ma and Pa inspire the Ranchers to fight through adversity and give an egg to a pair of t-rexes who can’t have their own.

  • 49. The Great Dinosaur Getaway

    When Sonny the Kid rustles Blitz, Tango, and Clover, both the Ranchers and the dinos must have the confidence to work separately in order to be reunited.

  • 50. Dino Ranch Rocks

    The Cassidy’s party set-up is foiled by the jilted Tinhorns who think they weren’t invited.

  • 51. Tall in the Saddle Drive

    When a Brontosaur Leader gets separated from her herd, the Dino Ranchers need to keep the herd from scattering until she can reunite with them and lead the migration.

  • 52. Min-Perfection

    Min’s drive to impress Ma gets the best of her when she tries to help Quack get over a scare without making a single mistake.

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