Dino Ranch With ASL Interpretation

Come on down and have yourself a visit on the Dino Ranch. Run by the Cassidy family this ranch is home to some biggest and wildest dinosaurs roaming the wild frontier.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Big Jon Big Trouble

    Jon’s enthusiasm gets the best of him when he tries to tame a rambunctious little dinosaur all by himself. Inspired by his hero Bo, he learns that some jobs you just can't do on your own.

  • 2. Min’s Quest

    When Min overcomes adversity to find an elusive flower, she helps to cure an ailing mother brontosaurus and learns that perseverance always pays off.

  • 3. Stop That Spinosaurus!

    When a rampaging dinosaur threatens to cause havoc, thanks to Miguel and his observant nature, Jon learns that sometimes it's better to slow down and think the problem through.

  • 4. The Spookasaurus

    When Jon gets spooked by a campfire story about a legendary dinosaur, he doesn't want to admit it to Miguel and Min, then eventually comes clean and learns that his family is there for him whether he's scared or not.

  • 5. Jane’s Perfect Present

    After the Jr. Ranchers spend all their time trying to prepare a special surprise birthday gift for Jane, they find out that all she really wanted was to spend the day with them, and learn that spending your time with someone is the best gift of all.

  • 6. Pterodactyl-Doodle-Doo

    When Miguel's creation of a new roost for Pteddy results in some unintended consequences, Miguel and the Jr Ranchers learn that taking other people's feelings into consideration is the most important part of any good deed.

  • 7. The Long Way Home

    Jon learns that shortcuts aren't always shorter when the Ranchers get lost in the badlands with the hungry Thunderfoot on their trail.

  • 8. Trade in the Shade

    When an uncooperative brontosaurus gets between the Jr Ranchers and their goal to harvest the delicious apples from the orchard, the gang discovers the importance of placing others' needs ahead of their own.

  • 9. Small Wonder

    When a scrappy little compy gets underfoot trying to be just like Blitz, Blitz learns that even the smallest member of the team can make a big difference.

  • 10. Dino Checkup Hiccup

    After Clover accidentally breaks Min’s stegoscope and tries to hide the evidence, he learns that he should never be afraid to tell Min when he makes a mistake.

  • 11. Tinhorn Trouble

    When the Tinhorns trick the Dino Ranchers, Min proves that no matter the circumstances, you should always do the right thing and help.

  • 12. Family Comes First

    Pitted against the Tinhorns on Rancheroo Day, Jon learns that his family is more important to him than winning.

  • 13. Clover’s Tiny Problem

    When Min dotes on a newly hatched dino, Clover feels jealous, but then learns that no dinosaur can replace him in Min’s heart.

  • 14. Tango’s BFF

    After helping a fellow triceratops, Tango becomes attached to her new friend and doesn’t want her to rejoin her herd, but learns that it’s selfish to keep her from her family.

  • 15. Home on the Range

    When a dinosaur named Wanda keeps running away from the Ranch, Min, Jon and Miguel dis-cover that she’s eager to join to a dinosaur family that wants to welcome her as one of their own – and are reminded that you don’t have to be born into a family to be welcomed into one.

  • 16. Miguel’s Compy Conundrum

    After Miguel accidentally causes the ranch to be overrun with compies, he learns that working hard to correct a mistake can sometimes yield a surprising result.

  • 17. The Ten Gallon Trophy

    When Bopper runs off with Bo's prized Ten Gallon Trophy Hat, Tango believes that she has to be like Blitz and Clover in order to help the gang catch the elusive pachycephalosaur, then learns that she can help the team best by just being herself.

  • 18. Plane Crazy

    When Miguel underestimates his dino pals and gets carried away by his dream of flying, he learns that he needs to believe in his dino-friends as much as he believes in an idea.

  • 19. Sneaky Swipers

    When things begin to disappear from Dino Ranch, Blitz and the gang discover the importance of knowing the facts before jumping to conclusions.

  • 20. Clover’s Height Fright

    When Pteddy gets stuck atop the Mile High Mesa, Clover must overcome his fear of heights by taking things one step at a time to help his friend.

  • 21. The Ballad of Big Jon

    Prompted by a western hero, Jon wants to prove he's a real epic hero as well, but learns it’s the smaller, more everyday good deeds that really make him a hero to his family.

  • 22. One Good Turn

    A pack of wild raptors go after Min and Jane as they're transporting a precious brontomelon in the medicine wagon, and in the ensuing chase they discover an act of kindness is often re-turned with kindness.

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