Disrupting Design

Disrupting Design celebrates innovations in Canadian industrial, urban and graphic design and the ingenious renegades that create them. This digital series is hosted by Matt Galloway.

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  • 1. Ryerson Student Learning Centre

    The old model of student needs is tossed out. Ryerson’s new Student Learning Centre enhances the multifaceted needs of diverse students in a slick and smart way.

  • 2. Revelo FLEX Bike

    Henry Chong - CEO of Revelo Electric - showcases his Flex E-bike, an electric powered bike that will revolutionize greener modes of transportation, and shape the future of urban mobility.

  • 3. Bitdrones

    Dr. Roel Vertegaal - a Professor of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Queen’s University - showcases his BitDrones, an Interactive Flying Microbot technology to show you how it creates 3D models, which will ultimately revolutionize the future of Virtual “Real” Reality in physical form.

  • 4. Project: Under Gardiner

    Ken Greenberg and Marc Ryan - two urban architects in Toronto - showcase Project: Under Gardiner, a design that transforms a once forgotten space into a vibrant common ground, that will bring communities together, connecting every neighbourhood that it touches.

  • 5. Belly of the Bear

    Caitlind Brown, Wayne Garrett, and Lane Shordee showcase their structure “In The Belly Of the Bear” - a space that challenges the way we experience winter, and “public intimacy.”

  • 6. FLUX

    Robyn Thomson and Jessica Chen - architecture students at Ryerson University - showcase their design installation “Flux,” an exploration of how smart technologies, which sense and respond directly to their surroundings, can be used to rethink the way we interact with our surroundings.

  • 7. Adaptive Designs

    Jason Nolan, professor of Ryerson University's Early Childhood Studies in Toronto, showcases “Adaptive Designs:” focused on helping children with special needs, working towards a goal of improving their well-being.

  • 8. Bridgepoint Healthcare Centre

    Bridgepoint Active Health Centre eliminates the psychological obstacles to healing through the use of architectural design.

  • 9. Rammed Earth Home

    Sylvia Cook, Owner of Aerecura Rammed Earth Builders, showcases her sustainable home made of rammed earth that disrupts design and climate change by altering the way we make our homes.

  • 10. Union Station

    The Union Station Revitalization Project disrupts civic architecture, turning a utilitarian transportation hub from a space you merely dash through, to one you seek out, stay in, and savour.

  • 11. Clementine Passive Home

    Anthony Leaning - leading architect for CSV Architects in Ottawa - showcases the Salus Clementine Passive House: a 4-storey, energy efficient, 42-unit apartment building that sets new efficiency standards for housing and commercial construction in Western Culture.

  • 12. Pan Am Aquatic Centre

    Graphics in the interior design of the Scarborough Aquatic Centre ignite the environment, summon emotion, and engage the athlete, spectator, and screen viewer in a disruption of graphic design that goes beyond the usual material finish and logos.

  • 13. Soular Backpack

    Salima Visram - a graduate from McGill University - showcases the Soular Backpack: a design that gives children the tool for empowerment, allowing them to take control of their own education, and their own futures.

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