Does it Fart?

Does It Fart?​ ​is a ​fun-meets-science​ kids series that investigates and compares all the amazing creatures in our world who pass gas, by bringing together science, entertainment, and humour to provide one ​smell​ of a good time.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Herring

    Ilya and Joey use the ​fart drone ​to get up close and personal with a school of herring as they investigate whether the fish farts.

  • 2. Termite

    Ilya and Joey learn a fascinating fact when investigating whether termites fart.

  • 3. Lemur

    Ilya and Joey discover that the Lemur has more than one way to share its stink.

  • 4. Hippopotamus

    Ilay and Joey visit the Zoo where they use their Fart-A-Lyzer to discover whether Hippos fart.

  • 5. Skunk

    Ilya learns that an animal’s diet can influence their bodily function.

  • 6. Python

    Ilya and Joey get a slithery visitor to the fart lab and must help diagnose a sick snake.

  • 7. Iguana

    Ilya and Joey have another visitor to the lab, and learn that the Iguana has an incredible unexpected skill.

  • 8. Manatee

    Ilya and Joey discover that not all gas is equal, when learning about manatees.

  • 9. Parrot

    Ilya and Joey discover that mimicking words isn’t the only talent parrots can have.

  • 10. Tiger

    Ilya and Joey put their noses to the test when sniffing around for answers as to whether tigers fart.

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